Maybe you think it is easy for me to show my FUNKY and fun side, and that showing up for me is EASY PEASY.

Maybe you think it is just LUCKY that I am shining here daily, from the beach, glowing and luminous with breathing, yoga and creativity, sunshine, joy.

Maybe you think it’s just because I am ME, that I get to live this life that BLISSENS and expands my heart and so many others, more DAILY. 

The lightning bolts of LOVE and compassion that keep burning a fire to anything that is NOT aligned for Valtopia has been undeniable.

And it is NOT luck and has not been easy. It gets easier the more I learn and stay the course.

Perhaps you have seen my tears and shame. I’m sure you’ve felt my fear and pain. Maybe you know when I haven’t allowed myself to fully believe in the lightning bolts and the fire, and you’ve seen me run into my shadow, creeping around in sickness, or neglecting my body and watching me bloat and float away.

It was not easy to keep showing up in that bloat with raspy throat, feeling insecure and weird. It wasn’t lucky feeling when I thought everyone hated or didn’t give a shit or thought I was stupid or silly or couldn’t do it. But I would show up and connect EVERY time with several of you who truly flourished from our contact that day, time and time again, whether you were clients or enjoying my free shares.

Then I realized, I was thinking those negative things about myself. So, I showed up again. And again. And again.

And when I felt those feelings, and trembled and cowered and came back from that lame and shameful place, wishing I had more friends in real life, wondering if I’m a shitty mother because I haven’t contributed my time at school since I was class mom in my eldest’s kinder, wondering if “people” think I’m an idiot, flashing my soul so brightly.

Then I remembered, they weren’t there when I have been alone, night after night, day after day, believing in myself, believing in divine lightning bolts and in each of you - EACH of you that I HAVE illuminated with my creative and loving presence and time. Despite the energy of resistance my very very virgoey queen perfectionistic terrorized and traumatized little girly shadow, I SHOW UP FULLY more and more.

I am shouting this because these “people” aren’t my people.

It is for those of you who DO feel my light and feel YOURS in me. My reflection wakes you up to your own beautiful resonance and you literally BOLT awake and alive and I always KNEW that was my calling and have relentlessly pursued it. Your calling is calling.


Let that fun come through, honey. BE yourself all the way!

I am so blessed to have stopped and been courageous enough to see beyond my fear and awkward resistances time and again. Shifting focus has pivoted everything into bliss resonance and I feel calm, centered, grounded, ready and capable, open and listening delighted and aware and DECIDED. The vehemence and certainty of your INNER GAME is EERTHANG.

I’ve had this lesson handed to me time and again.

And I’m doing more to focus in on and allow my dreams and soul being than most I’ve known in my life. Or so I thought.

I’m so excited and BLESSED to share the bounty of all that I’ve learned in my journey through my Valtopia channel.  On the surface level, you receive so much. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just know that when you come inside to the Valtopiasphere, these last resistances, behaviors and sticky sabotage I’ve been recognizing and SHIFTING? There’s a good chance you too are feeing the burn of overwork and under receiving. You’re putting on a brave face and your daily practice isn’t supporting you. In fact, it’s becoming a chore and you don’t understand why you’re still in this loop to nowhere, even though you’re making deep intentions of mastering the loop and bettering your days so you do have more time and money to do and be who you truly desire in life. The process of streamlining and steering your choice through a powerful practice of shifting consciously your mind, body and spirit is YOURS TO CLAIM TODAY.

Sign up for my invitation to give yourself PERMISSION TO ____

What will you open up to with this powerful PORTAL of change

Let us rise up and surf the cosmic waves together.

Let’s stop the BS lies and fears keeping us from our own fire, passion and PEACE and prosperity.

You are a powerful creator

So am I.




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