Up and Outside of Now

I was so far gone, I couldn't get up and take my baby to the park.

I was exhausted, and felt like I could barely move. I had NO energy and felt like  hell and I couldn't go to the park. Everything hurt, I look and felt awful, and chances were that I'd need to run to the bathroom at any minute. But my beautiful baby needed me to get up off the couch and take him to the park. There was no family nearby, my husband was working crazy overtime to keep up with expenses, as I'd been bringing in quite of bit of income working in production, and now he was the only one earning. We were both exhausted, and neither of us had anyone to relieve us to take a break, for ourselves, or with each other. I felt squashed down to nothingness, felt physically ill most of the time, and he was sick of hearing about it, and I was sick of living this way. 

I had to find a way out of the darkness, the isolation, the depression and the endless worry of never feeling at home in my own life. All the years of working myself to extremes had caught up with me. I had already experienced adrenal issues and sickness in my twenties, as I'd pushed myself hard in college and graduate school. I am ambitious and I was gonna "make" my dreams come true. Well, I'd made it! Here I was living in Los Angeles, and working in the movies. I had my family and a house just ten minutes from the beach. Life should have been just perfect! But I felt like I was in my own private hell.

Rather than feeling my emotions, (which just wasn't gonna go with that life or program, so best not to feel them) I was experiencing them as painful disturbance in my guts. I was exhausted because my body was terribly out of balance, and I began to have to avoid more and more foods, or else I'd live my life in misery with itchy eczema rashes and painful ibs. The only reason I'm sitting here writing to you this blog post now, is because I was able to step up and outside of my "now" and allow a new reality, a different perspective, another "now" to become. When we uplift ourselves from lives that don't feel natural, joyful, blessed, connected or in flow, and instead create a new life that does align with our heart and soul and allows the true expression of our deepest desires, we open up and illuminate all of our beingness, and life becomes the stuff we thought we could only dream about. I experienced the great fears and anxieties that come with pushing oneself beyond the reality you find yourself in. I had to go through some deep trials and take risks and believe in myself, and the universe. I was done with stuffing my feelings and my truth away. 

I'm finally opening up more about my experience because I made it up and out, and I really had so many moments where I doubted myself, was scared shitless, and thought I wouldn't make it through. Not only have I made it through, but I'm living a whole new life experience that IS joyful, and loving, and connected, and open, and I no longer suffer from IBS, depression, anxiety. I am open, free, and quite frequently feeling blissed out with love because I am not only uplifting myself, my children, my family, but YOU. Those of you who are my clients, my community, and enjoy what I share, and all of you who reach out to me privately and tell me how much my self expression and following my truth has inspired you to uplift yourself up and out of your own dark spaces of life.

Magic IS happening and love is creating a new life for each of us that choose to look deeply within, honor our vast soul, and step up and out of now to truly allow ourselves to expand into the edges of our greatest dreams and infinite inspiration.

I am sharing my story more openly in my private community, the Valtopia Love Drop. I absolutely adore the community forming, the open sharing that is happening, and even the quiet energy for those who enjoy the powerful meditation and healing transmissions that I'm channeling through. This is an organic, vibrant and evolving experience designed to assist us in opening up to our greatest strengths, nourishment, connection and self expression, so that we can live the life of our dreams. 

Join us for more intimate and juicy details of how I uplifted myself out of my unhappy life aligned to my heart and soul. I tune into you and channel a monthly live transmission that you can listen to again and again for powerful release and activation each time, not to mention so many bonus one on one on live streams, card reading threads, and bonus audios. You're missing out if you don't join now at the intro rate that ends 12/18/2017.

I'll be thrilled to welcome you in, love drop. <3


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