Valtopia Round Up - August 2017

So  much is happening in the world around us. My heart goes out to those suffering in the wake of the hurricane -- my friends and family and Texans in general. If that’s you -- be safe!

As we close out this month of major shifts, I wanted to do a round up of the magic that has been happening in Valtopia.

Here Are Top 5 Resources for Immersing yourself in Valtopia right now

  • Donations for Texas: Donate for Texas flood assistance to my family and loved ones who can help their local communities



  • Valtopia TV August 24: Hidden sabotage! Inner child drama! What you need to know Valtopia824


  • Lion’s Gate: Lion’s gate readings and ceremony with Shannon Murray!!!, LionsgateValtopia



Overall what you need to remember is this…You’re bringing back all parts and pieces of you.

It can feel lonely. It can feel excruciating.

The habit of codependent love can test our limits of strength, courage, focus and discipline. It is exactly that focus and discipline that leads back to love of yourself, and so, love mirrored back to you in others.

Not a desperate need for validation or a distraction from your own truths. Stay the course of your self love and truth. Create the space for your own heart, your own desires, your own creations. Allow in those that truly see and illuminate with you.

I hope that ValtopiaTV inspires clarity and compassion (for yourself and others) in you.

If you’re ready to shift and expand, let’s talk. You can schedule in here: ValtopiaClarityCall

Love you boo.


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