Valtopia TV with Outi Harma and Marisa!

I had the incredible delight of meeting Marisa of Creative Thursday  and seeing her studio with my favorite Outi Harma, and YOU get to enjoy the visit and enjoy us reading everyone's energy live on the show.

I am such an #infiniteReceiver - not only do I live in Los Angeles near the beach I love, but I have had the dream come true of meeting incredible female artists shining here with me in LA! 

I am looking forward to more magic with these two lighthouses!

Remember my gorgeous coloring book is available and makes a wonderful gift - it is needed now more than ever - a beautiful guide with crystals, essential oils and essential tips to your ascension and expansive journey.

Love you


I have opened up a couple of spots for six week clients - the structure and pricing of how you will be working with me in 2017 will be shifting so I'd love for you to jump in on these fantastic offerings now. I'm honored to serve you. 

I help highly successful luminary leaders stay in or get into their most magical, abundant flow so they feel lit up, magnetic and shine in their life, business and create delight in the world. Let's go. 

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