MEGA life boosting - coulda, shoulda, woulda

Why do we resist those things that will so evolve and thrill and move us to complete and fabulous transformation?

I have been holding off on creating my first online experience. Not because I didn't think it would be phenomenal, but because I let my ego mind tell me stories about how I wouldn't be able to convince people to join in because I haven't done it yet, and feelings of fear because I didn't have it all planned out to the T and perfected, and anxiety that I would get into a mess trying to juggle my very involved and important family life and the passion and love with which I throw myself into my "work" and teaching and art.

I asked the universe and felt into the feeling:

- of ideas coming easily to me
- being able to implement these inspirations through being creative and delighted and thriving on the other side of that anxiety.


I received my partnership with Michaele and since we jumped in it just flows! It's pure jazz, and the result of jazz is improv, rhythm, love and magic, and that's what is happening in my life. It's a mixture of terrifying moments of doubt, agonizing moments of grief, guilt and discomfort and sheer delight and thrilling moments of YASSSSSSS that feel so perfectly right and delicious. To witness and be a part of leading and creating transformation, vision, BEING that evolves and uplifts that inspires each of us to more of this? It's definitely what motivated me in the first place, but was so hard for my ego mind to allow, for protecting me. We are following our intuition, tapping into the YEARS of combined living, work, creative and spiritual experience we have and we are TRUSTING. Because of our faith in ourselves, in others and in the universe, we feel fearless, and the mirror we see is gorgeous. 

When it was suggested to me that I ask for my viewers to share my live stream, I had a really hard time at first! I had just begun, and didn't feel "ready" and doubted that others would share. I felt like it was too much to ask. I asked anyway, despite the resistance, and was rewarded with more viewers and great response! Now it's six months in and I just had the most viewers (2.1K) ever view my latest live stream, because we shared it a lot, and because I asked for a fair energy exchange. "Please share so we can have more energy and fun with this." And we had more people and it was a BLAST! 

I can tell you many more stories of feeling like I "can't" or feeling like maybe I would quit or give up, or that someone or something was holding me back. The "reality" any of us experience is merely a construct of our perception, DNA, environment, experience, and choice. Yes, choice. Coming into awareness of that choice is key. And coming into this awareness for myself and my family has been SO HARD but so delicious on the other side of all the things we thought we couldn't, wouldn't or shouldn't. FU@k the could, woulds and should and TUNE IN to yourself. What do you feel and where in your body? Why do you think that is? Be curious about yourself. When you find yourself coming up against a sort of wall, or a shut door, notice the barrier, the resistance, and then examine it like a detached inspector. Hmmmmm. Loooook at that. Wow. That's me experiencing that. Breaking the cycle of triggers, and could, should, and would has been MEGA life boosting for me, and those around me who are leaning into themselves and the beautiful discovery of their own wisdom and magic.


This is the kind of self love and awareness we are creating together in our current three week immersive experience, Epic Video Rock Star through opening up and sharing ourselves on live video in a safe, closed online fb community. There is something so immediate about opening up on the live stream, and connecting. It can be such a varied experience and you can tailor it to your vibe, desires and guidance and in doing so, create a FRESH reality. But we go beyond just the medium. We are exploring our intentions, healing old wounds, and witnessing each other's becoming (thank you Amanda). The energy is exponential as we evolve and expand together. 

Week 2 is all about activation week, and we are evolving through this process as much as our clients/students/participants. This is an EXPERIENCE and we are BECOMING the vision we are dreaming up and creating.


Do you need help breaking through your fears, anxieties and resistance? Are you able to feel and know what you want and make it happen? I'm all about getting you through that evolution to your next level of BEing where you feel in tune, in touch and delighted, on the other side of that illusion of can't, won't or shouldn't.

I got you - message for details.


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