Visionary Cosmic Badass Leader

She's a new breed of powerhouse.

She's tight. She's right. She's in her element throwing down like a BO$$.

She knows way down deep inside what the #truth is and she learned the long hard and terrifying way she's got her own back, honay. After all the heartache, trauma and drama, she almost gave up, time and again, but she came back up, over and over, higher and higher, stronger and faster, smoother, finer, full on BADASS.

You can't mess with this bad bitch. She's impervious to the flakey flakes, the manipulators, the fear mongers, the normals, the non believers, the scaredy cats, the lost freaks and the distractors.

She knows all the way down to her core essence, not one thing or no one will ever break her again. Will she crack and break into more and more of herself and her genius? YES. 

Will it take her down, shut her down, stop her in her tracks like it used to?


She's solid.


You can't touch her any more.

She could give a rat's ass about anything but whatever will open up prosperity, purpose and passion for the world and she is clear, committed, and relentlessly committed to the divine fire coursing through her daily.

She made this choice, again and again and now this lightning bolt of creation is undeniable.

Body image, love, money, joy, fun, LIFE.


This queen has taken her throne and remembered who she motha fuckin' is.

She is a visionary cosmic BADASS Leader and don't you forget it.



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