No shaming out

I know you’ve been missing me honay. Me too.

Sometimes we have to go exploring the dark side to find our edges and expand into and beyond them.

The icky vulnerable desperate shame some of us have released in the last couple of weeks?

What a blessing to remember our collective guilt and horror of everywhere we might have ever let ourselves down. Throughout all time and space. And now we come back lighter, clear, compassionate and ready for the next wave of cosmic expansion and collective healing.

You’re welcome and thank you, Supernovas.

It is time to honor our RESTORATION time FULLY and set the most boss intentions ever. Let it burn whatever was and allow fresh regeneration of eerthang. KEEP your channel clear of others be very very choosy where to share your vibration and frequencies. Nature, books, art, music, sound, meditations and true heart felt connection to restore and reintegrate.

There is power in the rejuv. Let yourself ignite back to magnetic now that the purge is behind us.

Hmmhmm honay. This snowflake is ready to light some serious fires.


You can still join my next experience and first ever run of the DLAB!

You are one of the ones who backs yourself. And knows deeply your core truth and feels your heart and follows your rebellious impulse. Because you have more energy than most. So much you are probably highly athletic. And if you don’t choose to move and flow your body daily like an Olympian, you begin to sabotage and implode on yourself with all the extra energy.

You are probably used to stuffing that energy down to accommodate others and perhaps you even forgot a long time ago what you truly feel. It just slowly became what you did.

That is why you’re creative. It is disruptive to truly create anew. And it is from what we had that we have something new. And you’re used to stifling your own natural way of accessing your creativity because that is just the way it has been. You could see way beyond what “is”and feel what really could be and “is” in other realms of your perception and understanding. When you truly let yourself feel that.

You’re not typical in your perception. You are highly aware and pick up on a lot of subtle cues and information many don’t. You are uncanny in your ability to understand unseen outcomes and you are often told how perceptive you are. Your range of emotions is part of your creative blueprint and not everyone is equipped with our set of feels. It is part of the framework for what we’ve come to do and be.

You may identify with your ability to sense others truths or way beyond to the point that you haven’t been able to share or express that side of you. But it does so with out you even meaning to. When the frequency of your own brilliance has had opportunities to fully stream through you, you have had moments where you allowed it, and the results were incredible. Of course.

And then you’ve had many moments where you lost contact with yourself, slipping in and out of contact with that flow of brilliance, creativity and abundance. So much shame, fear and guilt has kept you “safe”.

There are so many different reasons why and ways we shut off the flow of the life force within us that is fire and signifies passion, calling, purpose and limitless dreams of our highest visions.

You won’t stop at finding the solution, the answer, the understanding you have been called to. Even when you get distracted time and again. You keep coming back to yourself. You’re a dreamer and you have huge vision and vitality and you know you’ve come to create something wild beyond anyone’s dreams. Not your dreams. You see it. You feel it. You know it. You’re here to do and be it.

So you GET to be it already!!

We will quit waffling around the loop of subtle sabotage and we will get clear and we will look at our fear in the eyes and remember who and what we are and why we came to feel and process that fear!!

Some story about not being quite ready, or there hasn’t passed enough time.

It doesn’t need to get harder. It doesn’t need to take longer and we don’t have to get pulled into any old story other than the truth of who we are and what we’ve always known.

I have seen our patterns and you can let me know when that gets old for you and you’re ready to leave that loop. For whatever it is holding you back from backing in, believing in and BEING YOURSELF in the way you know you thrive, are flush AF and you feel in FAITH OF LIVING AND CREATING.

When you do the work, instant shifts can happen for you that will ripple throughout your frequency like a lightning bolt and we can dive in right now.

My client that just jumped on the early early bird offer for Dream Like a Boss experiences instant positive ripple shifts when she purchased the other day. You know what I mean because you’re one of us.

You’re a fully cosmic star seed supernova rockstar that takes the leap, honors yourself and carries through the vision within. You’re a divine revolutionary leader and you’re here to break the status quo and be who you were BORN to be. You’re here to light up from within and in doing so, lighting up everyone around you with prosperity, blessings and creation energy that ripples out far and wide and brings back to you rich hot badassery!!!

In the way that feels true to you. Not anyone else’s vision but yours. Because you can finally now open up to it. Shame and horror free. See you in the DLAB!

Six weeks of supernova school Valtopia style.


Dream Like a BO$$!

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