What you got today?

I am feeling the wisdom of the hermit right now.

It feels good to walk away from people, places and situations that aren’t aligned to who I feel GOOD and be inside WHEN IM BY MYSELF.

I have lived so many moments in a false cage of co dependent connection to someone who isn’t truly aligned or desiring THE REAL ME.

Where you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, or might get snapped off at any minute, SO you shift and squash your heart to stay “safe” and in a box of I don’t know what with people ...

I’m focused.

I’m in it.

I show up for each day with creativity and love in mind.

And I get to be myself by choosing consistently compassion and curiosity for myself and you.

And releasing time and focus I spend with those of you who need shades I’m so bright.

The sun doesn’t shut off, you wear sunscreen and adjust accordingly.

Our soul luminance is ELECTRICITY we were born to transmit and BE.

Find your expanse and get LIT with your own soul energy and let the people, places and things go that want to suck off of you, or hold you back down in “safety”, keeping you from your own vision and being.

That’s YOU holding yourself back from your own magic and power. Let that go and undulate and breathe into all of you.

And for those of you who put on your shades and you had to git along, no shade for you here honay. Do ya thang.

I’m busy shining in beingness and creating wealth, health and LIFE from this inner joy and expression of the big Love that naturally lives inside of me.

Can’t steal it. Can’t siphon it. Can’t suck it. Can’t shut it down. It IS. I AM.

I offer deep forgiveness and high heart expansion energy and embody this DEEP TRUST WITHIN. YUMMY.

I love you please forgive me thank you I’m sorry byeeee.

Own your frequency! And yep me yours today.

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