What's Love Got to Do With It?


I used to run from it. Especially when it came to loving myself. When I was younger, I never felt too great in my own skin, though I am quite bold and courageous. For some things I am a frightened child and others I am a feisty bitch. When it has come to love, I've chosen what shaped me into loving myself. It has been a painful shaping, with me giving into some really subversive programs of subordination and lack of self worth. Programs that didn't honor anybody, most especially me. That I've been complicit in my own undoing is resolved when I've moved through the undo to recreate into rebirth.

I didn't stay in the misaligned, disconnected, unavailable. I might've been drawn in by it because something in me felt familiar to that, tricked myself into believing something was there for me. In the end, anything I ever was mesmerized with was really a reflection of my own creation and perspective. I own that and in doing so I trust and stay open.

Trusting in loving myself has been the deepest opener to flow in my life and the gift of feeling good in my own bones keeps coming in layers shed, people shifted, times a changed. And that's the thing, time may not be real but change certainly is.

Embracing change is love and loving yourself is all about evolving in awareness and care for you, your being, and what it is that you be. I can tell you from my experience as a caged heart and squashed supernova, the most painful, tough, rip the bandaid tuck into the depth of this werk has been the most transformational.

What do you BE? 
Are you open to love for YOU? 
You know where to find me to help you rip off that bandaid and free your caged heart. I know al the silly thangs we do to run and hide... 🙌💜

Art by Outi Harma 



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