When you release long held constrictions in your body, mindset and being, it’s a complete game changer

I haven’t been hiding I’ve been layin’ low honay. In the recline position on create mode.

I have such exciting desires calling me into a new level of being and I feel magnetizing to me new clients of a whole different level of being and vision. It’s so exciting to expand into new space of being.

At every step of the way I’ve been hit with quick bolts of decisive action and I always follow quite rapidly the impulse to hire someone new or to drop a new experience. It’s that time!!

I’ve been called to drop a new transformational alchemy experience at a level for someone who’s ready to massively ten times their already mega watt energy. A successful $50k months entrepreneur who is ready to break through to a much higher level of impact and shift.

When you release long held constrictions in your body, mindset and being, it’s a complete game changer.

When you’re ready for a MASSIVE TURNING POINT and you’ve done the work and you can’t quite pinpoint where the shift needs to occur, it’s time to call in the big cosmic clearing and activation. Yasss honay call in the Valtopia constellation for your epic uplevel. For this level we begin at 15k for the ultimate reboot. Very private, personal, rapid and deep work to shift.

Includes 90 days of Valtopia high level support.

Includes my own personal cleansing methods on all levels for maximum activation and alignment. We will design the three day to activate exactly as you need.

Imagine you now being able to activate everyone you connect with now. Perhaps a new healing modality comes through you or you birth your next biggest idea that leads to your greater vision. You finally connect with the inspiration to your best tribe yet. You finally connect with the lover and soul partner you’ve been dreaming about.

DM to clear my schedule so I can dedicate my clear channel before and after just to you for this activation. I can’t wait to see the billions you impact with your clarity and rebirth here!!

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