Who do you think you are?

Each of us face our dark moments of doubt, negativity, and feeling a victim to situations of life in which we find ourselves feeling less than, needy or unworthy.  

Recently, as I have been resonating less and less with stories of the past, and feeling more and more embodied in my own truth, whatever it is, it is so clear to see the need for drama and fear, the program, or reflex. It is so apparent. 

"I am angry at myself for disappearing on myself, so much I can't yet see myself."

These are some thoughts I found in my journal as I've been exploring this detached and curious observation of my own story, my own triggers and buttons that set off patterns of habit and knowing, rather than actions of understanding. And I often guide clients through similar moments of self loathing, fear and shame. 

So often, we teach that which we are learning. As I begin to open up my heart more and more to my own greatest strengths and vision, the ability to transcend moments with fresh perspective and the presence of the now becomes my truth. Which amounts to my life feeling like ME and more like what I've always imagined in my heart of hearts. 

This week, I reached a new level of transcendence and deep inner peace, which is now reverberating through my life experience with such a deep ripple effect of healing and light. I relaxed into a new state of trust, and because I did, I was able to shut off my monkey mind to a whole new level. In doing so, I received clear messages, precise visuals, ancient symbols of profound significance to my truth and understanding. I felt the frequency of my own self resonance at peace, in quiet and still awareness. 

You see, I've been running. I've been running for years. Somewhere along the way, my own natural way of being just wasn't in the flow for my parents, for my classmates, for my brother, for whoever. That's life! And in disrupting my natural pattern of flow, I forgot who I really am and how to feel certain emotions, and respond with confidence to parts of life. I compartmentalized my emotions with ease at my own expense to appease others. I have discovered I am a peacemaker, and it is my natural desire to allow harmony and compassion to all. I see things from all the sides, and feel and understand much to be clear and judgement free. But if I'm not in my center, released of my old wounds, playing victim to circumstance, or undernourished and misaligned, I will make the peace at my expense, and slowly burnout, shut down, fade away. I've been in those dark corners, suffering at my own choice and expense, and I no longer choose to experience this for my being as long as I remain conscious and take good care of myself.

I have learned that it takes deep self care, nourishment and my greatest lesson in life, the art of living to my edges and honoring my own true needs and boundaries. This isn't usually what those who love and care for us understand or will provide. This is a common thread for those of us who are highly aware, empathic and visionary creatives. We have been shaped by our experiences, and in liberating our true selves, we shine and achieve our deepest truth. How we come into our own light and your truth and inspiration is a guiding light for all those drawn to you. 

Never discount your experience, your beauty, your value, your divine beingness. You are pure life force and creation, and how you choose to direct your energy is vital, not only to you, but to the collective. As you've been regenerated with divine light codes of instruction and understanding, it is your calling to remember your strength, your presence, and what you came here to do and be. 

Be compassionate with yourself, allow yourself to evolve and change as you come into full embodiment of YOU minus all the other people you've been plugged into and taking directives from, that didn't come with your specific understanding, your soul truth and vision. If you have felt the calling and have a deep understanding of your cosmic love, you will know that whatever patterns of sabotage, distraction, fear and retraction you have come from your own disconnect or misalignment to your own deep passion and purpose, your soul's choice. 

Would you like to get back to your center, feel supported, loved and nourished, to feel confident in your own skin and stand in your value and lovingly and powerfully know the extent of your own edges to set firm boundaries? To feel calm, at peace and loving within, no matter where/what the situation? These are muscles we stretch more and more, to get to the place where we are feeling more moments of calm, peace and abundance. Begin your journey to self love and discovery in Valtopia with different levels of experience to support you in your expansion. When you're ready to truly make a change in your life and the patterns that have been keeping you from your highest state of being, you know where to find me. <3

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