Who says you aren't worthy?

Who says you aren’t worthy of what comes through you or the dreams you long for and feel so deeply in your heart and soul?


Who says you can’t do and be all the things you know you were meant to but haven’t yet?


Who says you aren’t allowed to have all the luxurious, loving and limitless abundance of life that you allow and create from your own being that you’ve honored and loved and allowed to grow beyond the bullshit of life that’s kept you from believing in your own worthiness?


What days you aren’t worthy of everything you are already and aren’t allowing?


You do.

You do.


Who says you CAN rise up from within no matter your life circumstance and face your shaping, no matter how brutal and painful and traumatic it has been, and realize it was all happening FOR you, with you, of you, because of you.


You do.

You. Do.


It’s time to do you, honay.


It’s time to stop the story of everyone else having power over your infinitive being that is so powerful, brilliant and luminous.


It’s time to pause and look within and it is time to see, hear, feel and know your own beliefs, your own truths and clear away what really was never you.


The shaping is up to you now, and in order to unleash your infinite potential and allow the magic of your highest calling, passion and purpose, you’re gonna have to let go and let YOU.


You minus the old stories, the old beliefs, the old patterns, the old energy that’s keeping you in a loop of life that keeps you capped and stuffed down, living waaaaay less than you know is true.


It’s on you now, and while that may feel daunting, terrifying, you know deep down it’s true, and when you really feel into it, it’s fucking exciting and powerful and kickass.


It’s time to do you, boo. All the way. No more of this percentage of you that doesn’t believe when you’re preaching the truth of infinite abundance. You are limitless and you can trust yourself and you will rise up and shine and be all of you in grace, bliss, connection, compassion and creation.


I believe in you.


Own your frequency, Supernova. There’s nobody like you!



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