Who the funk am I to do and be this?

There's been so many times in the last few months where I could've beaten myself up about my business, and how I should do it differently, and the tips I didn't follow from someone, or the inaction I chose, which in the old school, would be terrifying, irresponsible, even risky. It's never been more clear to me how risky it would be NOT to allow all of the dust to settle as I've completely rearranged my life to allow for true spiritual choice and divine direction.  To take time to regenerate, recalibrate and release with love, time and just being and evolving has been vital to my rebirth. I went from a depressed, repressed and very compressed version of myself (who was slowly fading away from ibs and the infinite loop of poor boundaries and low self worth) to a very boldly self expressed, fully thriving, vibrant, expansive, GIVING and LIFE FORCE CREATING, living my dream, full on life.  You are no less worthy of your own pod of creation, your own safe space to cocoon and fly, your own gap within which to blossom and your soul is electric and very much alive and ready to awaken even more deeply into its true mission, purpose and love.

I've been gifted with the passion of inspiration and deeply loving and empathic energy shifting guidance, and there are times when I've doubted those words. Who am I to be so powerfully connected and able to assist in eradicating deeply ancient wounds and trauma, and who the heck am I to claim such magic? When I forget the words, when I forget the results, when I forget the insights my business guides have counseled me to present so that I could actually run a profitable business and not a charity/hobby, that is when I flow. Through these months of stepping back, not stressing and knowing that there is a bigger picture allows a space where the minutiae of my ego trappings don't exist. In that illuminated higher view, I am simply of service, tuning into what I feel, allowing the questions from spirit to come through, opening up to the ringing in my ear that tells me your spirit guides and soul team is coming in, the light in your eyes, and the ascension of your vibration as we delight together in truly seeing, feeling, hearing and loving you into your own magical vortex of abundance. That shit is golden and don't need no stinking sales page. That is the love of creation with aligned purpose and resonant frequencies. As in, I dig it, I love it, so I'm in it, and so are you and together we are creating the magic of the ages, allowing our hearts to sing and thrive in sheer life force creationary loving energy.

Does this resonate for you? Are you looking for an awakening haven in which to blossom? Come join us in the Valtopia Love Drop, boo. <3


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