Who will give you a hand up?

In a couple of years, I went from having no idea what I’d do to make money my own way to designing one of a kind, powerful and magical experiences of life transformation that range in cost from free to thousands of dollars. My clients lives change for the BEST as I feel my life has!

The idea that I could get on the internet and reach my audience and clientele always made so much sense to me. I thought that when I first got on the internet in the late 90s I would connect with the work virtually much as we do now. (We weren’t quite there yet back then). 

I had to figure it out. I wanted to be a hero to my kids and create a life I could really believe in for me and for them. I couldn’t continue in the career or marriage I was in, and at one point I almost went to a woman’s shelter, I felt so terrified and backed into a corner. Is that really how it had to go for me? No. But that is the reality I allowed myself to experience!

I discovered as I was free to recover and regenerate to myself again, that in that company and situation, I was dying a slow death of conditioned silence, heightened unworthiness and ultimately straight fear. I was exhausted, confused and very unclear as to what I wanted or needed.  I felt like I had no options and I ached for someone to reach out a hand and help me up. There were many hands and it started and has continued with me giving myself a hand up. Time and again. 

Just in case you thought Valtopia was a slick commercial operation, don’t forget, I’m a real single mama running the show with a TEAM. I am so grateful for family, friends who love me, AND I invest in SUPPORT. There’s no way I could do this to the level I am guided without taking huge leaps of faith and jumping all in. Even when it feels crazy. Uncomfortable. Terrifying, even. 

The sheer knowing from within has always guided me. It was more of a battle to surrender to my flow based creative directives when I was younger, but I stayed the course. At the time, despite what seemed like distractions, the worst stuff often became my greatest lessons and shaping for the life and vision to which I have been guided.

As in, the visions or memories or guidance of what I really really desired to do and be led me to experiences that allowed me to grow into the level of being that I am knowing and feeling deep within. I couldn’t become me all the way without the depth of experiences I’ve endured. They provide me with great insight, compassion, understanding and wisdom. The level to which I’ve had to protect and then be vulnerable again and trust and come through safe and flourishing allows me to own my gifts. 

My shaping humiliated, shamed, crushed and almost stopped me, time and again. And like a blossom, I’ve risen up through the hurt, confusion and survival moments with a deep and sheer WILL to do and be what I seem to have a huge set of instructions and guidance for coming through me at all times!

I now understand I am able to see/feel/know way beyond the present moment and this allows me to trust my directives. 

48 years in, now, I’ve seen too much of my knowing come TRUE!! And I doubt less and less what seems to already be. And it is. It’s all here already, just as you’ve envisioned and felt it. It totally is and don’t you forget it. I’m here to fucking remind you and remember this - I’m a guide like no other. I’ve been through my own trenches, so to speak. I have followed the call, time and again, since I was a young woman. I traveled alone across the globe at a very young age, learning other languages and immersing myself in other cultures. There is no better way to strip yourself of all your notions of what is NORMAL than to go dive deep in another land and people. I’ve been doing that since I was a young girl.

And we have been knowing and doing and being ourselves for eons, honay, and you and I both know it. You know me when you feel me. You feel resonance with me in your heart and throat. You feel the energy running down through your feet grounding you deeply into Mother Earth and your crown tingles with excitement at our reconnection. 

Mine too I feel you. 

You feel great vibes and recognize my energy. You know me, star-seed supernova and we are ready to pick back up where we left off last and get back into the depth of our creation. Your ears are singing with celestial chatter and your third eye vibrates with assessment of our knowing and we begin again the dance of the ages we came here to do and be. 

The work of leading the cosmic edge  supernova style isn’t just for everyone. And you aren’t just anyone, are you?

Are you all in feeling doing and being your Supernova? Are you ready to give yourself a hand up and invest in the team and support your vision requires for you to allow the magic?

Where are you holding back on yourself that you are ready to delegate to expert guides and professionals? How could you better be shifting and managing your energy to shine and thrive for the betterment of all. You are a supernova, after all, and your mission and calling is for huge impact. And your channel must be clear, your vessel nourished and thriving, your life force juicy and fresh for the integrated power of your magnetism to activate and draw in all of your soul family and initiate each level of your soul vision. 

You gotsta get your full mojo on to shine like a rockstar and allow the magic.  Otherwise the anxiety, the fear, the apathy, the sabotage will take over and leave you aching for that hand up. Give yourself a boost out of that place you’ve fallen into and get back to your shine, glow and flow. 

Own your frequency boo. There’s no one like you. 



Super Mega Empath a unique life changing opportunity!

Anxiety. Restlessness. Self doubt and unworthiness. Feeling outside of yourself as if you’re almost not even in your own body. Feeling every one else every where all the time, but not really feeling yourself. Holding onto feelings, emotions and beliefs from others. 


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A better understanding of your own energy “control panel” and how to align with your sensitive awareness to benefit you and those you love around you. 


More sense of calm and presence when triggered by others 


A greater sense of “control” of your interactions rather than feeling at the mercy of others


A better sense of your own boundaries and how to keep them working for you in a compassionate and powerful way. 


A deeper awareness of your own gifts and how you are already using them 


Feeling way better in your own skin and about yourself


A more clear sense of your divine purpose and passion. 


Are you ready to allow the magic again?


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