Why do I share oracle cards and the cosmic weather?

Spot. On. 

Why do I share oracle cards and the cosmic weather? 

Because this information helps to guide us daily to optimal energy and being. I feel guided to share my empathic gifts of feeling and transmuting the daily cosmic stream of life changing frequencies that come through EACH of us. 

When I do, others feel and tap into theirs. 

Many of you report back to me. 

I’ve changed your life with my example of rising up and beyond limiting circumstances and tapping into my soul and infinite creative powers and sharing my medicine of being as a result. 

Some of you come in very close, and experience the shift of a deep and rapid activation and huge life shift. Those of you who enjoy the streams, come into it slowly day to day. 

It’s the same for your tribe of people who are illuminated by your leadership of self. 

The key to remember, vibrant and savvy business boss bitch who wants to integrate her spiritual gifts into your freedom biz, these tools assist you in becoming familiar with your own deepest intuition and the skills it takes to be consistently decisive, with conviction and certainty, which leads to dollars and connections to soul clients and joy and fulfillment in our lives together!

If you’re drawn to it, or do it in secret and doubt yourself, you’re splitting your energy and lemme tell ya, the coming eclipses will be really showing us these splits within ourselves. 

And we will have to choose. 

Spiral down away from the integrity of what DOES come first and most naturally into our knowing, or rise up into that stream of clarity and connection. 

When you come into awareness of your genius stream and tap in with these tools, your readings reflect exactly what you know and you embody in the conviction of your purpose and your prosperity. 

Which leads to a deep sense of connection to inside and the fountains of OVERFLOW from your cup running over in efficiency, ecstasy and expansion. 

I am Val Cripps. 

Queen priestess shamama frequency guide and energy artist. 

The elixir of your best moments of being lies in the integration of your spiritual gifts and your shadow resistant self who wants nothing to do with that soul mission. 

You feel the call. 

You know the vision. 

You need to do this now and want support like no other to own your shit and shift like the boss firebird that you truly are. 

We are going to clear the subconscious attachment and addiction your mind and body has to the past versions of you that struggled and still wants to create from that lack. 

We are going to disconnect you from those hidden perceptions and beliefs that want to sabotage each success and expansion you have allowed. 

We are going to embody and emerge in the energy of the cosmic rockstar leader you truly are and this will all come from deep within you and feel so natural and right. Your version of emergence and expression is the one destined for your soul tribe. The one that gets you fully booked, inspired AF in ideas that come more readily and feel like you’ve always been meant to share and be. 

Check out my coming streams next week to understand more about my current process and how to work with me 1:1 and submit your application to be considered to participate in OVERFLOW four month Expand and integrate into your genius: for bosspreneurs looking to integrate their spiritual gifts into their business and life for maximum aligned and expansive impact. Cash infusions and pure divine brilliance. Signup right away to be considered Valtopia.com

The energy of the container is LIT and active!!⚡️💥

Own your frequency Supernova there’s nobody like you!!

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