Why I am PI$$ED!!!

This Uranus whatever else is going on energy has me really CLEAR and feisty! 

With the clarity comes greater vision, understanding and awareness. In this new found awareness some things are just really coming through so powerfully! Yesterday,  I was super inspired by my friends and community and expressed my frustration with this issue of worthiness that keeps coming up for so many who tap into and illuminate from within for themselves and others in their lives. 

I see you, I see your soul and all the future you that can be. And you get to choose if you will or you won't rise up and into your soul calling, purpose, passion but even yes, just take care of yourself, nourish yourself, breathe and be in your own magnificent guidance and presence that comes through as only you can do it.

Let us clear the initial panic and fears that can dominate your experience to the point you can't believe you've made it this far and you often agonize over the coming loss of your great vibe and a pending sort of doom, even though you're flush or on the point of great abundance! You know things have shifted for the better, you have experienced deep levels of new awareness and success of joy in your life, and yet the reflex of the past is still sneaking up on the now, shifting your future away from your divine heart calling.  

In this episode,


Val talks about why we have a physiological response to a moment that causes us to freeze, lash out, or sabotage our shifts that we've been striving towards. Get clear and detach from the subconscious, energetic and cosmic entanglements so you can feel clear, connected and commit to yourself with love and compassion. F*ck Yeah!!

If you would like to know more about the underlying hidden patterns, energy and beliefs that might be affecting many areas of your life and how you can shift into a place of more awareness and mastery in allowing your truth, independence and loving power to come through your life force, message us to book in with Val.

For a unique one on one 15 minute perspective and tune in, book in here if you are ready to invest in your growth, your integration, your balance and bliss:


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