Why isn't manifestation working?

The reason your manifestation plan isn't working is because you're not allowing for YOU. You may have read some books, listened to others guide you on processes and tips and techniques, but if you're "trying" to be "high vibe" and simply uplift your energy and mindset in order to "manifest" material things and money, there's a good chance you're falling short on your creation. 

The reason you're not receiving what you've been wishing for is because you're going through the motions, but you're not actually tuning into and feeling what YOU need as guided by your soul self. So let's say you've invested some money in a few books, but they didn't get delivered, or you finally book a client,  or received some payment, and then you get a parking ticket. You think - why can't I get ahead?!!! And you devolve into a negative bucket of stuck, negative responses that keep you right where you've been.

Stop thinking and detach from the situation. 

Is this a sign that the direction you chose isn't truly good for you? Are you being redirected to something more aligned? Or is this a PATTERN?

Universe does have your back, but you have to believe it and believe in yourself and then create and allow it.  I can tell you the first year I consciously manifested and shifted my thought and language patterns to support my growth and prosperity, every time I leveled up in my life, I got a parking ticket. EVERY TIME. I started getting excited once I knew what it meant. AND I asked for it to stop. :) Then my technology started breaking. And that happened every time for while. Currently I am allowing myself to up level without illness, pain or grief. I'm getting better and more aligned all the time.

That's the part that most miss in this creation play. They miss the signs. They miss the patterns, and they don't give themselves the flow of time and the patience to see their own beautiful evolution and what it means for them. This is where support can be a game changer.

Stop and take note - who are you? What happens for you as you grow? Where do you get stuck and where do you take off? ALWAYS bring it back to you so you can actually CHOOSE what comes next and be a leader in your life, rather than a victim to circumstance.

Need help figuring out YOUR patterns and style of receiving and prosperity?

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