There’s a pepper to this energy that’s like your granny’s sassy side eye and biting remarks.

Take it like a nice Cher smack.

It says:
“Snap out of it! Your co dependent bullshit can fuck off now.”

Grow up! Anything that sucks and you did it!!

Now feel like a million bucks while you pretend to have your shit together.

That’s not the way it’s supposed to be. 🤣

There’s a balanced middle ground to this exotic and wild landscape we’ve surrendered to.

We are one. We are all connected in vast unison of being.

Whichever direction you choose.

The more we come together in our own oneness, our unity of being, the more we allow ourselves to detach from what drives us to jump ahead of ourselves, and freak ourselves out.

Today is the day. Today is every day, and every day gets to be chosen in this next deep breath, and reconnection to your inner zone of genius. Turn the dials of your own magic to eleven honay.

To me, THAT is the buzz of what’s coming through.

High fast moving, decisive and creative energy that doesn’t take time to linger in the attachments of yesterday.

Bye Felicia energy hurts the fuck out of us FEELING previously co dependent energy transmitters as we first learn to truly feel ourselves and grow into transferring and reflecting energy across dimensions and with telepathic connection.

HIGH VIBES are burning off old codependent attachments and when you do the work you reconnect realigning you to your inner source.

We now GET to receive at a heightened level the frequencies of attachment that USED to feel good and now are being burnt for the sake of creating FRESH energy in the light of regenerated and fresh outlook of being and connection to SOURCE.

Surrender to your own faith and truth of being as you let go control of how you feel, who you are, what you do and be.

Look at the wealth of your being with fresh eyes and ears and everything about you. 
Feel the love in your heart opening and bursting through to expand and connect to each other in whole new ways.

When you come from this level heart expanse, the energy that floods out of you is more reflective of the same.

Allow yourself the ability to break down the fear response that is naturally triggered as you open up to the link and violet ray of creation and the golden threads and dome of regeneration being created as we collectively activate in our constellation.

It is vital to take radical responsibility for your own consequences. This process of being able to witness your own experience without plunging back into the experience of it how it was.

You’re here now. What are you going to do? Won’t you baller it up and choose limitless outcomes instead of settling into predetermined old stories?

Lots of water, movement, space to be and transmute everything coming up for us and allow our powerful transmuting BEING to process our lives and shift each moment into fresh spaces of awareness. We GET to change this. We GET to believe in the power of our creation and allow so much more than we ever have.

We get to.


👊🔑 two spots carefully curated and ready for SOUL RIGHT star clients!!


You are an entrepreneur, healer, messenger, creator THOUGHTFUL AND FEELING HEART GUIDED powerhouse who is

ambitious, conscious, present and ready to shine, baller AF BADASS cosmic queens or kings who aren’t afraid to go DEEP, do the work, be present, and leave the sabotage behind.

Oh you’ve done the work. You’ve shown up for yourself. And now you’re ready to expand beyond anything you’ve ever experienced and you’re flush with support you manifested OF COURSE and now what?

Scared to grow to that big big big dream?

Feeling funky about all the big stuff your soul is calling you to and feeling theboast creep your on your now?

Are you unable to envision and ASK for what you truly desire?

Unable to even get into the true vibes of your desire?

Looking for surface level fixes and finding it isn’t working?


Your past runs deep and we get to release that now. It’s the only way to make space for your NEW level of being!!

I call in high level cosmic wizards in the creation of their highest life and being.

We are about to spend FOUR months together to

⚡️ leave the past in a burning fire of alchemy 
⚡️ regenerate each and every cel throughout your body to align to GLOW and illumination within
⚡️ light up the cosmos with your HEART creation

It’s time to open your heart and trust and create from the space of whatvid possible, not what’s been probable.

It’s time to expand up into your dreams in your vibes, body and being NOW! Everything expands from there!

I know.

I was living the life that checked off many of the safe boxes, but didn’t feel safe at all. I had to shift and I did. 
After walking away from my marriage and career I started from ground zero and worked my way up to as far as I’ve let myself go yet. It’s farther than anybody thought possible for me and doesn’t even begin to fill out to where I’ve been called and am allowing.

Will you be lighting up with me over the next four months? Will you be bringing it into the now with me right now? Will you let yourself feel the joy of self trust, self knowing and COSMIC SHINE??

DM HONAY first to book receives an incredible and exclusive activation portrait like the one below. The layers of sacred geometry embedded is when the magic happens and that only happens once you’ve booked in and DECIDED. We begin 9/9/2019 but the portrait will begin as soon as we decide.

Own your frequency supernova there’s nobody like you!

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