Why You'll Never Be Like Them

Do you ever feel like you're way ahead of everyone, off in a totally different space, isolated and not really quite with everyone? It's not that you're purposely separating yourself. It's just that your ideas are popping, and you can already see, hear and FEEL the arrival of your vision.

To you, it's almost like, what? It isn't here yet? Are you kidding me?

Yes, my friend, you are a creative visionary cosmic BADASS of magical proportion, a cosmic rockstar. You are above average in everything you choose to do, you always naturally give a mazillion percent, and it's not that you're trying so hard, it IS just you to be that fully energized and thriving. That IS just you and always has been! You came out of the WOMB this way, and chances are, nobody around you has the same level of ZIP AND ZAZZ that you do, not even your siblings, maybe one of your parents, if you're lucky enough to even KNOW your blood family.

And this level of OOMPH isn't always the way it is. Oh no. When you are not able to radiate, illuminate and expand as you naturally want to, supernova, you implode. And with it, you often take everything down. And you may be so used to compressing yourself for others that you find yourself unable to fully expand beyond the box you've gotten so used to.

You seem surprised by your ability to manifest and create, but truth is - it IS all you, and you are able to choose. THAT is where the work is. Unboxing yourself and then allowing a gorgeous REBOOT of your mind, body and spirit so you can daily attune to your own best nourishment, energy, habits, choices, BEING!!!!

It is INTENSE to redo all ya bizness. It requires restructuring, examining, allowing, uncomfortable NEW WAYS of doing things. It is easy to revert to the old reflexes and fall into the same old patterns of living you've known. But they're not gonna work now. Nope. 

It is a daily reminder, remembering, realigning, re-choosing in a way that feels all kinds of FCK YEAH that makes my method so deeply visceral and effective.

We are so bright in some areas that we blind ourselves from own needs, desires and truths, and I know this journey so deeply for MYSELF, and the vision, support and guidance from others OUTSIDE of my own blind spots has been completely priceless and immeasurable in shifting my reality to one that blows my mind and allows my dreams!!

What you truly know deep inside, is your STAR being and family. Those people you meet and you KNOW them and feel so at home, like you always knew them. Forever and ever....

We DO know each other already, and I am here to help you unbox your deepest, most soul aligned DIVINE magic within. Not only will we illuminate and activate that part of you, but we have a daily practice together of remembering more and more of just who you REALLY ARE. So you can LIVE YOUR LIFE THAT WAY. 

My unique method involves an expert and careful understanding of unlayering and excavating hidden parts of you that have been compressed for years, even eons. We love on your inner child, your past lives, your cosmic charts, your all sensory control panel you came with here and the very life you've allowed and created up until now. It all comes together in fabulous patterns of energy and behavior and I am gifted at calling it like it is, and shifting it WITH YOU to what it IS.

In so much creativity, compassion, hilarity, connection, sharing, lightning bolt energy shifting magic, I am WITH you through your transformation, with deep questions that you must begin to answer - in support. I leave you to find your own way at exactly the divinely timed moments so that you trust and know yourself more and more each day.  In this level of support, you exponentially accelerate your own self awareness, your intuition, and your deepest sense of passion, purpose and impact.  I've seen it time and again with my star clients. They shift almost immediately, and then we begin the very BEING work of integrating and implementing the shift into "reality". Each case is different, depending on your story. There isn't a magic bullet, but the truth of how much you can change your life to be the one you're wishing for right now IS MAGIC. 

We are not talking about learning some one else's program on HOW TO live your life. Fuck that! 

How about me helping guide you back to learning about YOUR best method of how to live your life. Guess what? There is nobody like you, and last I checked, you are a badass cosmic rockstar that nobody even GETS, much less has some program to teach you that doesn't even come close to what you need! 

Some people never even get to the shift, much less IMPLEMENTING and integrating your deepest magic into the now! YOU have already done so much of the work and you are so ready to bring yourself into wholeness, that last little bit that seems so elusive, like you just can't get there, time and again.

This is about you and your unique abilities. 

It is essential that you become aware of your own words, thoughts, choices and actions, more deeply than ever. Your level of awareness requires a deep level of commitment, connection and compassion in order to stay lit, flowing and impactful in a positively explosive way.

Let us leave the implosion behind us.

I invite you to a deeply immersive experience WITH me in one of the most powerful, shifting, awakening and empowering experiences you will have gone through yet.  Activate, integrate and embody into your deepest version and level of you, from the cosmos all the way down into mother earth, so that you CAN enjoy those dollahs, those hollahs, and ya followahs and live your true purpose IN EFFECT.

PM to apply for this deeply immersive one on one - only ONE spot currently available. This is for a supernova who is ready for deep financial and energetic commitment. It may not take a ton of time each day, and the overall investment is PRICELESS, but the commitment level is deep on my end and yours. Take this into consideration before messaging. Your impact awaits your embodied supernova!

Own your frequency - nobody like you!



Are you SO inspired but not quite sure what I do? Do you FEEL my magnetic energy and feel so inspired my daily shares and how much I've turned my life around and followed my dreams? Do you KNOW that I can help you find your passion, purpose and live a much more FCK YEAH way of life?

Book in for a Valtopia solutions session - we will get to YOU and what I can see in your energy field, what patterns might be playing out for you, how to create a plan of action. 

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