You are a GENIUS

Allow yourself to feel fully along all of your frequency and choose the resonance of your vibe honay.

Man your station! Own ya frequency, there is no one like you.

Did you feel today’s blog coming?

⚡️👑 the awareness of so much along my own frequency and clearing and magnetizing my own energy field is intense and exhilarating and keeping me in a blissening energy that allows me to get over myself and transcend traumas, triggers and that used to keep me unwillingly from participating fully in my own experience.

Instantaneous blackout. 
Introverted social anxiety check out.

Which allowed me to grow, go inward and resolve what I came to do and be.

Despite the fact that it’s awkward AF you do know what you’re doing and you are a GENIUS. No one can do and arrange and connect and illuminate like you and you know it.

Don’t you forget it.

I’m on track. 
I make beautiful decisions and back myself. 
I am always in the right place at the right time. 
I am generous and powerful and know stand in my value and strengths with compassion and lightning bolt creation love. 
I am respected and honored, cherished and loved. 
I express myself fully and find resonance always with super mega luminous magnetic creative badass boss visionary rockstars...

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