YOU are NOT the underdog

Somewhere along the way, we got so good at second guessing others for our own well being, we trained ourselves to seek out the disapproval, the disconnected, the disappeared.

It has become like second nature for us to anticipate, respond immediately to, and jump up before others to DO, HELP, RESOLVE, FIX. Somewhere, somehow, WE became the apologizers, the ass kissers, the defeatists, the less than, the fucking UNDER DOG.

And when we were there, we felt all the big juicy open hearts, aching in need for love. And we opened ours in a place that felt more safe. And out there? Out there we put a guard up, shut the shop down, closed access. There became a wall of safety between THEM and US.

And so began your bipolar relationship with yourself. Because out there? It isn't out anywhere. It is very much inside of you. And you know that now. You've begun the journey inward and you've begun to break down that divide you created out of sheer reflex.

And now you can forgive and celebrate yourself. You survived that strife like a BOSS and you're still here, heart beating, lungs breathing and it's a new fucking day. FUCK YEAH.

You get to decide now and remember that it is nothing but a reflex, and there is so much more to remember before you let yourself put that wall up so you could get through to where you are now.

Are you ready to remember who you are before you boxed yourself into a corner?


I see you. All of you WITH you. Together we unravel, unlock that feeling of separation or schisms or disconnect you feel to the greatest magic of your own flow.

Those moments when you almost soared, and life knocked you down to the concrete? You got up. Again and again. Your apologies became heartfelt, not fear driven or mindless conditioning. But you haven't yet forgiven YOURSELF. And I'll tell ya, that moment runs deep. So deep, you are attached to the reflex of it. The persona is still hanging around within and of you, even though you've transcended old stories and begun to really live a life more aligned and suited to your truth.

You've done so much powerful work and you've moved through your first level of fear and awareness and now you keep coming back to stuck points, repeated patters of a cycle of plateau or stagnation. The mentor or guide who served you may no longer be the right fit or the only source of guidance you desire. But you feel guilty and scared.

You SHOULD have it figured out by now, you tell yourself. You should know better. 

Your SHOULDS now become your self sabotage. Now you're beating yourself up for what you "should" be doing and you've now locked into the familiar comfy zone of 

- self defeating mind chatter

- useless hours (it adds up) of self distracting, time wasting activity.

It can look like

- playing video games
- scrolling facebook/social media
- watching tv/netflix
- eating/drinking/smoking/consuming what doesn't nourish and enliven you

It can also look like

- "working" on your business
- helping others endlessly before you help yourself
- endless hours of training/learning/certification/prep

It is time to lead yourself and BE the leader that you always have been! But you aren't down in the trenches. You aren't one of the UNDER dogs. YOU ARE FREE so stand up and shine and be ALLLLLLL of you!



Listen - these programs and conditionings run DEEP. EONS deep PLUS all your childhood and life experience. It can be difficult to release! Everybody is different and don't let anyone or anything steer you away from your own regeneration and reboot back to your full on version of you, before you got kicked down, before you got hurt, before you began to identify with LESS THAN.


Are you ready to begin choosing top dog status as the leader in your life? Not that you're over anybody other than your own BS, stories, lies and crap that's been keeping you from your own greatest leadership and life experience.

It is time to DO YOU, BOO! 90 days one on one with ME!!! Just in time to start 2019 cleared, integrated and activated into a deeper level of your own strength, clarity and confidence, so you can CHOOSE the life you truly are, not the one you think you're doomed to somewhere in the worst part of your ego. 

I invite you to a deeply immersive experience WITH me in one of the most powerful, shifting, awakening and empowering experiences you will have gone through yet.  Activate, integrate and embody into your deepest version and level of you, from the cosmos all the way down into mother earth, so that you CAN enjoy those dollahs, those hollahs, and ya followahs and live your true purpose IN EFFECT.

PM to apply for this deeply immersive one on one - only ONE spot currently available. This is for a supernova who is ready for deep financial and energetic commitment. It may not take a ton of time each day, and the overall investment is PRICELESS, but the commitment level is deep on my end and yours. Take this into consideration before messaging. Your impact awaits your embodied supernova!

It is time for you to be the you that you always were and are, not the you that you squashed into over time.  Own your frequency - nobody like you!


Sign up for an hour soulutions session with Val and get your shnizzle organized and ready to GO! We will tune into your present life, energy and patterns and see what you KNOW needs to happen going forward to get momentum, flow and receiving happening in your life.



I love this moment of quiet to hear the birds sing, to hear my ears ring with cosmic connection.

I am so grateful for these moments to be peaceful and ground deeply into the core of mother earth. And the core of ME.

I am an infinite well spring of abundant love, knowing, magic, care, kindneww, joy, bliss, delight, music, deance, story, listening, writing, drumming, painting, ENERGY and $$$$$$$$.

Take a deep breath, connect into you, and choose, 1, 2 or 3.

Weekly Cosmic Read 

 Coming on LIVE for Valtopia tv to share the reading and will post the final version here.

Let me know how this all resonates for you! 

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