Your throat and chest are tight.

You don’t even notice. You’re so used to it. Oh, and your neck is super tight from grinding your teeth and your ass is clenched so tight you don’t even feel that either. And you wonder why your hips are so tight and your back feels tweaked.

You “try” to do meditation.
You “try” to relax with some yoga and spiritual practices. But you’ve been told you’re ungrounded, you can’t get centered and your mind races so much.

You find it hard to even know what you truly think or want.

Oh you bring through POWERFUL thoughts and knowing. In face, you often know a lot about others. More than you “should”.

But when it comes to yourself? Your own hopes, dreams and visions on the BIG scale?

You edit yourself!! You won’t answer or face your biggest dreams because you hijack your higher truths with layer and layer upon layer of old programs and beliefs you’ve learned from others.

You want to tune in more confidently, more deeply. 
You want to grow and expand beyond your current li miss. 
You want to live your creative vision and ADMIT

That you a ARE POWERFUL COSMIC BEING living a human life you came to choose and do and be!
You came here to LIGHT UP THE COSMOS with your shine and radiance and frequencies of love, compassion, prosperity and creation - YES - you are a powerful CREATOR tuned and you KNOW that your living affects the continuum of the whole, whether you’re allowing your limitless version of you - so it KILLS you literally that you’re not allowing your greatest version of YOU to come through.

You want to stop the chaos train and pull into the station that is YOU. Stop for a minute.

In order to commit to your wisdom and move through the self doubt, you MUST come into deeper appreciation and awareness of your own truths, feelings, limits, fears, beliefs.
The darkness you’rve experienced you being to sick into sabotage is actually here to provide you with VITAL awareness to ALIGN you to your soul guidance.

It is time to create some TIME and SPACE and invest in your own way to DETACH and RELEASE from others what you will begin to source from WITHIN.

You won’t leave any one behind. When you fully detach and dig deep you’re actually connected to everyone on a higher plane and then you bring through and live in that wisdom you SHOW UP FULLY and in doing so, you lead yourself and those who HEAR SEE AND WITNESS YOU.

All because you decided to WITNESS YOURSELF. DAILY. With focused intentions. Grounded. Centered. Nourished. Guided.

You ARE worthy NOW!

Now how does your chest and throat feel?

Have they expanded and you feel lighter?

You know what to do.



It is #Day2 in the Valtopia Ten Day Reboot and we are so blessed to be popping open and remembering who we ARE. Our busy minds are getting quiet. Our over active thoughts are settling into deeply connected rooted and centered grounding. And this all for people who have sturggled with this for years. 

 It can be simple.

It can be easy. 

Your daily reboot Oclock is here honay and I've brought through some of the magic for YOU!!! How could we NOT share this moment. I recorded this with you in mind.  I know you're busy, you're a fucking cosmic visionary badass.

So I got right to it and recorded you this POWER recording fresh from the beach TODAY. Release, Integrate and Activate, resetting to neutral for your own rapid reboot whenever you feel it would reset your eerthang!

It is my GIFT to you so you can calm the fck down and feel super refreshed, in your zone and all up in your millionaire mojo, honay.

All sass aside, this quick audio will relax and recenter you to a rockstar radiance like nothing else. Soak up the vibes and let me know the amazeballs shifts and feels you receive as you open up to YOUR magic and peace from within.


I love what has been happening in these reboots and with my clients - for my over thinking, busy minded creative visionary ballers allowing themselves to get down to the rhythm of their own flow mojo, honay.

It is truly synergistic and mind blowing the shifts we open up to when we take the time to deeply connect to our own guidance, clarity and vision.  


My latest offering is here for you to allow that time, space and shift. More coming soon PM if you KNOW this is you.


Sign up below for your 123 session to figure out which of my offerings is for you and to get very clear in your energy, mind and direction. This is not deep energy sessions, but a powerfully shifting experience to get deeply in touch with self and who you REALLY are. This will be a deep investment of time and space for DEEP rewards. YOU are priceless and you are WORTHY NOW.

And don't miss out on experiencing the FREE energy mindset reboot I've gifted you. Just sign up here to get all up in the Valtopiasphere and receive the magic frequencies and transmissions to get you into your own highest vibes and flow.

Own your Frequency, honay. There's nobody like you.

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