You Think You're Better Than Us

Did you ever get a push back reaction from your friends and family when you took action to uplift and better yourself? And have you found that as you lift yourself up, find new habits and life choices that open you up to new possibilities, your friends and family question you and in a way, almost try to keep you 'down'? This is a thing! We are so tied to our clan, our tribe, and it is a genuine fear that arises when we begin to shift and change. The change can become a painful reminder to those we love. When you change they can get triggered because now

1) they must look at their own life and assess their own alignment and joy

2) change is scary and might be difficult - this isn't always welcome

The root causes of this ego flare can be multi faceted. In becoming aware of these energetic and soul attachments/connections, it can be tricky to find the root! The more you can pinpoint the source of the energy, emotion and resistance, the more you'll allow that layer to release. Finding powerful way to bring you into your own awareness can be absolutely life transformational. If you're a tough nut like me, you may have a deep magic within you that you're guarding and protecting with eons of lifetimes and experiences marking your genetic imprint. As well, you may be holding onto energy, perceptions, beliefs that are holding you back from your most innovative, open, expressive and creative life full of FUCK YEAH!

Getting you to YOUR life full of fuck yeahs IS within reach and can be an amazing and delightful process! There might be difficult issues to move through, and deep choices to make, but getting support to transform and release the attachments you have to your people, and your people to you is so powerfully alchemical and awakening. 

I have GREAT NEWS! We are creating a mastermind just for you that includes a powerful retreat at Synergida resort in Costa Rica! You don't want to miss this first offer I'll be making as there is a sweeeeeet bonus for the first four to sign up!! Message me directly  - - to be the first to know, or stay tuned to my FB Feed for plenty of livestreams sharing what is coming.  And know that if you are bettering yourself, it is your divine right to care for yourself, and in uplifting yourself, you uplift those around you. Forgive and be compassionate to those who aren't ready, or may be fearful. They will shift with you as they see you shine and rise, believing in yourself and creating a new life. 

Join us for more magic in our free community! To book in and find out how Val can assist you to your own Fuck Yeah! message to get started.



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