You too, are tenacious, resilient and powerful AF

I’ve been calibrating to soul standards for yeaaaaaaars. I keep diving deeper and deeper into my own soul mission, even though I forget who I came to do and be, time and again, I always remember. 

You too, are tenacious, resilient and powerful AF and forget yourself. You get caught up in your mind stories, and the cosmic weather and you start looping in your own head. 

You detach and pinch yourself off from the cosmic divine stream that comes through you and you lose inspiration and revert and slip into old ways of being and patterns of thought. 


It is time for SOUL RIGHT!!
Your divine CALIBRATION AND ALIGNMENT to your SOUL standards. 

Up your frequency, vibration and standards of being and excellence in every area of your life. 

It is the in between, the integration, the being as you become, where so many of us have stayed in lesson land longer than we’d like because we keep holding onto what was, and can’t feel into the future of what is now as we allow it to evolve and shift. 

The unknown is known in our imagination and heart’s creation is there for us to allow OUR version of what desire is calling us to. 

Our fear of naming and claiming it is a RUSE. 

NAME AND CLAIM it in my latest offer that is soooo goood - 5K in 30 days!! WE begin FRIDAY and there are only TWO spots left and you don't want to miss it!

DM to apply info listed below this is YOURS to claim and together we WILL clarify and connect to your SOUL RIGHT STANDARDS and BE them.

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