When you trust OUTSIDE of yourself and release trusting yourself, you are at the mercy of who you choose to trust.


If you choose a narcissist, you’re choosing an endless pool of need and fuckery, which is like the ultimate bitch slap to your self worth and existence.


The inner landscape that allows for connection with someone who will RARELY IF NEVER have your best interest at heart, who will always QUESTION your








Eerthang about you

In every way. All day. Eerday. Foreva.


Talk about your inner reflection being shown back to you.


Submitting to the empty and shallow mirage of connection that is the relationship with a narcissist is a terrifying lesson in abandoning your truth, ignoring your own wisdom, submitting to the fear program that is running in your mind that allows you to entwine and entangle with choices that lie OUTSIDE of your OWN self love and care. And the narcissist will teach you, little by little, day after day, just how much you are NOT worthy of love, of your own thoughts, of anything really! And you will start to believe it until you have surrendered yourself completely to the mercy of their need, which is a black hole. An abyss.


Their need for control and submission at all costs creates an endless loop of possibilities to remind you that yes, you did indeed abandon your own knowing and give yourself over to what FELT like safety, familiarity, love and belonging. The truth is that you got triggered, tweaked, corralled, bullied, abused and forced into a life that slowly wasn’t yours and NEVER WILL BE.


But make no mistake.


You allowed that submission and trust outside of yourself.  You did. Maybe it was a parent that you HAD to submit to and so of course the line is all kinds of blurred and confused on where you begin and they end. And then you go out into the world and continue to choose more relationships that totally reflect what you know and feels familiar. Maybe you were raised to be submissive and to follow the rules and to question your own truth, time and again, by well meaning but fearful parents, who teach you to be a juicy target for the narcissist.


Perhaps you were never allowed to think fully for yourself,
or allowed to make mistakes or experiment or fall down without the caged and micromanaging love of the over thinking,
over giving and caring parent, who wants the best for you, but the best that feels safe to THEM. 

There’s a good chance you felt out of place, or too much within those confines and your misalignment becomes your false blueprint of what is a relationship dynamic.


Your codepentent upbringing leaves you ripe for plugging into the narcissist’s gnarly nest of entanglement.


If you find yourself walking on eggshells around a boss, partner or friend, anticipating strife,

so you avoid expressing your truth because it’s “easier” to suppress and submit?

Your ease of submission is you checking out on yourself and checking into the dark program.

And that’s you, abandoning yourself, one “easy” step at a time.

That’s you continuing to trust outside of yourself and allowing the black hole of need to get bigger, darker, and more devastatingly empty and soul sucking.


You sure you wanna do that?





Are you highly empathic/aware and have found that you’re locked into a relationship dynamic that’s left you outside of your own truth? Do you feel like a caged bird ready to fly? Are you ready to come home to yourself?


Rediscover YOU, your strength, your trust, your connection and power. Reclaim your very life force and disconnect from the dark program! You are here to shine your light and you know it! Stop letting FEAR guide your light and very life force!!


Your vessel that is you has been abandoned and the balance of the cosmos and what you came to do, be and create with the truth of YOU?  It all lies in your hands. Not bossy mcBossy mind/life fuck over there.


If you can't see/feel/think straight and need to come back into focus and begin to learn some techniques to mind your energy, mindset and BACK YOURSELF through and out from this type of energy, either book in for a diagnostic session where we can assess and design a plan for you  or sign into my Mastermind to immerse FULLY into YOUR vision and release these ties, bonds and attachments and MOVE INTO YOUR EPIC! 




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