Your life joy, peace and fuck yeah is waiting for you

I wrote this a year ago today:

That's it. I've had enough.

I could give a rat's ass and two less fucks. In fact, I'm so done, I'm looking you straight in the eye, and ain't nothin' gonna phase me. What used to trigger me now amuses me and there is absolutely no reaction on my part, besides a straight up quiet presence and truthful response. "Bitch, please."

Oh no. I will simply hold my ground and stare at you with slight compassion and complete detachment and deep resonance for what I know in my heart and AM WILLING TO TAKE ACTION AND DO.

And now YOU know it too. You can feel me now. You can feel my strength, courage, conviction and commitment to my truth, my vision, my words, my CHOICES. And I'm not backing down any more, and I won't be confused by your projections, your pain, your manipulation that you can't help, because you're frightened, you're scared, you're tired and this is the only way you know how.

You learned you must control everything. You were so sensitive, the pain you experienced split you into shards, and when you get nervous, anxious, upset, afraid - triggered - you fragment and absolute control and manipulation is all you know to feel safe.

I had learned I must control everything by feeling every one else. In order to not be under the thumb of anyone, I could feel into their energy, their presence and know before they came around and avoid "the control". I had to learn to stop feeling outside of myself and feel MYSELF, and know MYSELF. And as I did, you both lit up and expanded more into you, and you got triggered. And fractioned off. And now you're here, lobbing your emotions at me through subtle or even overt YUCK.

Bitch, please.

I see you. I hear you. I feel you. And I know myself and it ain't gonna fly. And now I detach with ease, grace, love and compassion and carry on with my dreams, magic and flow.

I worked through a lot as I've come into embodying my soul energy. I learned to let go of conditioning and programming which had left me confused and completely limp and malleable for manipulation. I was so ready to just please and make peace, I was slowly dying inside, mentally and physically. I had such bad IBS because I was stuffing down all my feelings because there simply was no room for them.

I had to learn that was ME stopping my own feelings, and I had to learn to FEEL and back myself up. It was when I got to the "bitch, please" phase, that I really stood strong in my conviction, presence and power. I LOVED this phase and I want YOU to feel the strength, command and LOVE within yourself to stand tall and feel deep inside, "Bitch, please."

Your life joy, peace and fuck yeah is waiting for you.


Call in your highest energies and resonance and disconnect from what isn’t you or true any more.

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