Your next breakthrough is happening right now

Your next breakthrough is happening right now. Right now you have already tapped into and known your deepest desires. Maybe you’ve begun to live them. Maybe you’re still ready to crack through to a deeper level. 

All you know is that your vision is true. You’ve showed up time and again for yourself, for others, and you will always come through. 

It is time to stop tapping into the “truth” of what was and has been up until now and allow yourself to fully release all the energy lurking in your field, all those deep emotions harbored in your energy centers, and let go of the programming and perceptions you’re allowing to create your right now and your next rebirth. 

The energies right now are perfect for a deep dive, an immersive shift that with your decision and choice, you get to change what isn’t working for you. You get to have everything you’re allowing yourself to know about yourself. You’re changing the world and you are so worthy of your big visions and everything you are being called to. Listen to it! Nobody else is bringing that through but you. We can go slow or we can dive right in and get to it fast. I am here to witness and reflect back to you what you need to hear, know and discover to remind you of who you are, why you’re here and what your life living FULLY in purpose and choice feels like to you! All through frequencies and guidance that allows you to see those answers within. 

DM for one to one spot for 90 days. Includes a series of these portraits and is an investment level for those messengers and creators already having successful income months. This is a big infusion that requires a level of impact and success already established to invest in and sustain this level of shift. I’ve never offered this before. I am now and will be crafting this for you. Activate and align as your rise to your highest resonance is documented in a series of Valtopia portrait activations.



Losing personas and becoming yourself.

Are you holding onto fear?

Get access to the five day messenger experience!


You are a leader, messenger, creator, healer, artist, guide, mentor who is big hearted, highly sensitive and too much in your head and not enough grounded into your body supporting your cosmic being in your passion and purpose of life.

You may have learned ineffective ways of honoring your own time, space and money because you are highly empathic and your gifts allow you to feel others more than you’ve fully learned to master and manage yet. So you are calling in

  • Alignment
  • Awakening
  • Energy mastery
  • Life changing mind blowing energy shifts and activations
  • Rapid results
  • Tools to keep evolving


Own your frequency Supernova. There’s nobody like you!

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