Your Own Inner Authority of Being

My #hummingbird returned yesterday. This quiet time to regenerate and release and create from my womb is the gift of transmuting the emotions and wounds of the past through my very being here now with my art, expression and the frequency I TRANSMIT and allow through me.


Our very decision to be sovereign and take ownership of our thoughts, words, BREATH, life and leadership begins with self.


I am in my own inner authority of being and have allowed the split of my traumas to shape a powerfully cohesive WHOLE divine Shamama, through deep and consistent awareness and focused devotion.


Your gifts are clear and your purpose divine. Your being is split from the past and still shards of you live in others and others hooked into you.


If we desire to connect fully to our inner power and glow up with our own passion and life force and truly connect to the inspiration that we have access to on tap within, we must integrate and embody connecting above and below through our HEART.


Over active MIND, or an imbalance in the divine fem or masculine, or how you flow through you your own aligned energy and life will short circuit and disrupt your best results.


We get to refresh and regenerate these pathways and open up to the abundance of our own genius.


And we get to choose the quantum SHIFT rocket mode or slow and steady recalibrate mode. All is divine and guided by YOU. 


Learning to follow the impetus of your own inner authority and bringing into unity your split self is the foundational leadership work that leads to incredible rapid and life changing results my clients create within days and weeks of us truly diving in deep together. Other clients have ramped up in flow, allowing their body and being to come together. All is necessary and both modes of recalibration are powerful.


Whatever you do, own your frequency. YOU ARE THE MIRACLE.

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