Your wings and wins come from expressing all of you

Your wings and wins come from expressing all of you. 

I have held back tears and fears for all the rules, conditioning and good girl nice lady bullshit I was raised to do and be. When I finally fucking let go the magic ALWAYS happens. 

You are beautiful in all of your darkness and your light. It’s the integration and cohesive embodied presence of you that is so powerful and magical. 

And it fucking pisses us off when we aren’t allowing and being all of ourselves. 

You’re gonna have to cry, feel shameful, make some mistakes, and awkward AF through the things you don’t know how. You CAN shift your energy and mindset to support and uplift you and in fact, if you don’t, you’ll run yourself ragged spinning your wheels on the good girl ass kiss train to nowhere. 

Rise up RFLs this energy is ACTIVATING and powerful! 

What have you been holding off on, stuck in, sabotaged yourself over or not surrendered to?

What are you calling in permission to do or be?

If I could wave a magic wand and release any energy and activate and mind and spirit within you what would it be?

(I can and I do) 

I invite you to bring it and your presence to my activation arena and safe expansive play yard in Valtopia this week with an ENERGY CLEARING AND ACTIVATION REBOOT ⚡️⚡️⚡️sign up

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