The thing about being extra sensory and filled with a slate of drama/trauma energy to clear is that you’re stirring up chaos and you don’t even know it, even though you can know and feel into so much reality that is far beyond the “reality” that you’ve been experiencing.


You just have this innate knowing and sense about things, but you’ve never fully tapped in, because nobody around you did that or maybe it was considered bad or wrong.


All the times you have minimized and ignored your own wisdom has built up a disruption between you and YOURSELF!! So you feel this crazy detachment and disconnect and start to think something is wrong or broken.


And because you are intuitive, you’ve at least allowed yourself to begin to explore what you do know deep down inside.


You begin to seek answers and find so many wonderful techniques, methods, mentors, modalities and yet you find yourself still seeking SOLUTIONS.


You want the answer.

You want to know wtf is THE THING - the missing THING with the magic activation that will CLEAR 3,000 lives of DNA bungling energy that’s fucking with your LIFE NOW. Just this one thing is keeping you from yourself, you feel.


Oh, you’ve done the work.

You’re vibrating already at such a massive level yet you feel yourself seeking that last 10% - that feeling of solid faith, trust and KNOWING from within and throughout you. Unquestioning, absolute, sheer CONFIDENCE that propels you with conviction and consistency.


But you’ve learned to curb your emotions for so long and even supplant your own intuitive awareness for the direction and programs of others, the collective, your family etc.


If you could just reset yourself inside around how open you are to receiving your own highest guidance!




I have followed my instincts and intuition deeply and it IS disruptive! The trauma and energy created around my disruption and how I chose to respond to it has leveled off and in its place I more often feel a miraculous sense of wonderment as I take in experiences I saw coming true before I lived it.


I have seen and known an awareness and a level of “sensitivity” that is extraordinary. I would be told how “perceptive” or “mature” I was. But I didn’t know I knew. I learned to ignore my own knowing!


Years of hearing my own guidance and sometimes following it full on and other times retreating in fear, submitting to the demands and desires of others, for not wanting to disrupt.


Oh the pain and sabotage the distraction and derailed from my own truth life creates!


I can tell you the times I truly followed all the way, everything worked out way better than the times I tried to follow the SHOULD plan, the safe route. If anything, the safe route ended up sinking me deeper into resistance that was fucking hard to come up from!



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