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Hi gorgeous!

Allow me to help you DO YA THANG!


Life doesn't always feel good. No matter how advanced and successful in life we might be, many of us find ourselves realizing we’ve created a life we can’t successfully live. It may look great on the outside, and you may have taken years to get to the level of experience you’re living, but you find yourself always busy and never enjoying. You may have on paper all the things that make for a perfectly successful life, but you feel sick, tired, stuck, bored, anxious, afraid, or angry. You’ve gotten yourself into a funky place and you just want a hand up, a lift into another time, space and being where you DO know what to do, your decisions are clear, you’re SO fucking aligned to your heart’s mission, passion and purpose that life is EXPLODING with delight and magic for you. You’re so “on fire” and magnetically prosperous that you feel fucking GREAT in your own skin, you look WAY younger than you are, people and opportunities are ALWAYS available and you are the creative queen/king BOSS of your life and vision of your dreams. You are a rich, hot, badass (all states of mind and THEN states of being) and nobody can deny it, especially YOU!!!


You may be beginning in your journey to self mastery and universal love, or you may have been in awareness of these travels for eons. No matter where in your expansive journey you may be, we all get stuck or tripped up, our subconscious wounds and patterning can grip us as we decide to improve and better our lives. I am the fire and excavator to assist you in clearing your old belief systems and conditioning that keeps you from allowing a clear flow and embodiment of your own beautiful frequency. Together we look at what’s happening in your experience, integrate your shadows, inner child stories and activate new beliefs, fresh mindsets, and the whole process of BEING the you that IS aligned to your life creation is what we do together daily in Valtopia.


I came through the fire myself. Time and again.

I moved extensively from the youngest age. I was always the new WEIRD kid in class.

I suffered from a lot of bullying and isolation at school as I was developing into a young woman.

I suffered from low self esteem, depression, social anxiety, dietary issues, PCOS, IBS, terrible pain and body issues

I allowed all of the above to affect my sense of self and I chose poorly when it came to relationships and suffered mental, emotional and even physical trauma and abuse


I also:


Studied overseas as a 17 year old for a year and learned to speak French fluently

Got a fantastic grade point average, won the art competitions, made it into a wonderful college

Attained my BA and studied in Italy for a year and learned to speak Italian fluently

Got my MFA in electronic Visualization and made my way out to Los Angeles with NO JOB lined up

Got a job in the Film Industry as a software demo artist and worked there for years

Made it into the Film Industry and worked for many more years on many big feature films, including two oscar winning movies.

(You can see my demo here

Got married, had two lovely sons all while maintaining my film career.

Slowly disappeared from myself as I shut down more and more in my marriage and as a mom, because I was afraid to admit truths to myself, to speak my truth, to stand up for myself and create healthy boundaries, to honor my worth and value as a human being and powerful creator.

Learned to release and UNLEARN all the negative programming, conditioning and subconscious patterns that had kept me in victim mode, though I was thriving and successful in many facets of my life.

Went from terrified to owning my choices and pushing through a bitter separation and divorce. Focused on and developed myself and my company throughout the process of separation and divorce.

Started and built my company from nothing to a world wide presence of visionary creative expression that IS changing the world. I am here to unleash my inner baddass boss that IS standing up for what I believe, does know what I want, does get up every day and express my art and truth and shines in that truth with radiant support and vision for my growing community. I am a Valtopian and I believe in the inner magic and extra sensory super powers within each of you supernovas that come to me to be heard, witnessed, seen and cracked wide open to flow into and undulate at the frequency and resonance that feels fucking fantastic for you. 


For most of my life, I evolved through many experiences without the incredible spiritual energy tools and mindset knowledge I have learned now, and with these tools, the EPIC life transformation is exponentially powerful.

Through powerful energy healing and spiritual connection, I have radically shifted my life experience.

From the youngest age, drawing, painting and creating was foremost on my agenda of living, and still is. I was always and am about celebration and ritual, as well. I deeply honor the precious moments of living and CHOOSE to make the most of our experience. Pushing to expand beyond my current experience, knowing that anything to which I set my heart and spirit will become my truth, if it IS my truth. Finding that truth is the delightful expansive journey. 

The truth is, however, that it is NOT always delightful. :) Sometimes it is downright painful and scary. It is through this pain and difficulty that we often find the treasures of ourselves, and who we are meant to be. With powerful ancient modalities and intuitive guidance, I have learned from my experiences, keeping that which empowers and releasing that which isn't true any more. I have moved through fear, anxiety, self doubt, struggles and downright dark times. On the other side is a wise, knowing me, that trusts in the wisdom of the universe, the guidance of our inner knowing, and the ability to truly shift and evolve to WHATEVER you set your heart and soul to do.

Bottom line - I feel really good in my own skin and I trust myself more than ever to follow my intuitive guidance and I have EPIC MAGICAL RESULTS to show for it!!!

For the right kind of supernova, all in, passionate and committed, over achieving, power boss who may be feeling a little less than yourself and need to remember who the fuck you are, allow me to be your energy guide and to bring you back to







Find your mojo, find your magic, KNOW yourself and do YOU.


Own your frequency, honey. There’s NOBODY like you!!




I live near Venice Beach, CA with my two young boys. Before my life as a creative art-preneur and energy guide,  I worked for many years in the film industry as a visual fx artist, and my skills in the industry are what I'm really expressing and flourishing with now. Energy, connection, visualization, creativity and art. I tap into each of these gifts and through them shift energy, expand consciousness, and inspire, light and lift up my spirits and all those who are called to my message, my vibe and the Valtopian lifestyle. I am passionate about living, breathing and expressing our true soul spirit. It is from that inspired presence that our magic, joy and divinity can shine. Basically, if you feel good and are in tune with YOUR true essence and passion, ANYTHING wonderful, magical and beautiful happens. 

I am ALL about rhythm, sound and movement, and that is ALL about ENERGY! If you're curious, and would like to know more about my experience, please reach out to me at valtopiastudios@gmail.com. 

If you KNOW we are meant to connect and I am your artist, healer, guide please join my community, and explore my current offerings. 

I offer wisdom weekly, with a three card choice from a creative oracle deck, or from my own art work and channeled musings that are meant to guide with love and light to self empowerment, joy and delight. When I am called (almost daily) I come on live and offer Valtopia tv, a live stream show with the weekly round up of living and creating as an artist and entrepreneur, with live card/energy reads for everyone who shares the livestream, or something of mine on social media, tags me and is with me live. We have so much fun and also it's very powerful and moving. I get many messages of connection and appreciation for the creative love I share. I'm so glad you found me and I look forward to shining with you. Let's do this.

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