V a l t o p i a

A new mindset is only a thought away.

Are you ready to have some fun, relax, get in tune with yourself nice and easy and feel lighter and boosted to KICKASS?

It’s time to activate, baby!

Everything is changing all around you and you KNOW it, and you’re READY. You’ve dreamt about it, you’ve worked towards it, you’ve been broken down about it! I get it. There’s the you inside of you, that you remember from moments as a kid, or that you feel you’ve always known, that you forget about, little by little, day by day, as life happens to you. You have your moments, where you totally were DOING it!

Making it happen!

And then LIFE as a human being happens, and those moments become layers over the you that you were, and still are, and is always there. It can stop you in your tracks, and then you start creating from a place so far removed from that YOU that really shines and thrives and is ALIVE, that you feel almost dead inside. 

Let’s take a few moments to get Valtopian.

To release the old stories, stagnant energy and do whatever it takes to energetically SHIFT your vibrations into pink HAWT high gear!

You are a bold, courageous leader of your own soul energy and of your divine beauty and radiance of your energetic BEing. 

Shine on, queen! Step up, Priestess! 

Life is a choice, and you’re about to choose YOURSELF, because you WILL heal yourself, and then you will be a source of love and vibrance,  rather than fearful, anxious, out of tune, unclear and lost.

Your life will shift to your choosing.

Making choices from a place of vision and clarity resonates and creates flow. It makes for more joyful, “unbelievable”, KICKASS experiences that take you on that path back to YOU. 


Life can be hard and leave scars.

Scars can be healed, and memories can be released.

There is no past, present or future, only your present moment.  Create the moment as you CHOOSE, not as it happens to you.

Let’s shift, boost and get in the flow by healing our energy and creating our best moments. YASSSS.

So like I said, are you ready to have some fun, relax, get in tune with yourself nice and easy and feel lighter and boosted to KICKASS?

Live by choice, not circumstance.


(in the best possible way)!!!

Lose the drama, live the dream.


With a unique and powerful custom work of 
Valtopian Art

heal yourself from your broken past

believe in yourself 
take responsibility for your own energy and presence 
come into greater and greater awareness 
discover self empowerment
feel more gratitude and joy
experience feeling safe, free and fabulous
Valtopia offers you the help and guidance you need to manifest your way to your own Youtopia!

Through a deep connection to the intuitive guidance of the universe, creative inspiration and solid real world experience,  
I help to guide you back to yourself, your intuition, your inner strength and calm. 

I intend humor, great energy shifting, guidance, wisdom and love.

You are ready for me to guide you on your expansive journey if you are:

Open to the idea that you have the ability to choose your experience in life and make it Amazeballs 

Open to deep and positive vibrational transformation that allows you to make those choices from your most genuinely true you 

Open to release old emotions that no longer serve you and make way for new moments of experience based in the you you are regenerating 

Open to the immense transformational capabilities of the brain, body and spirit via our energy system

Open to the powerful and varied methods of shifting and healing your energy through art,  sound, intuitive, divine and worldly guidance  

I look forward to healing your energy and opening up the flow to your own Valtopian magic and delight.