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WHO is this for?

An incredible and powerful entrepreneurial leader, creatrix, inspiration and guide for many 

  • Wants to earn $25K plus monthly 
  • SUPER GIFTED naturally
  • Has tended to overthink, undervalue and not trust her intuitive gifts, relies more on structures and systems
  • People pleasing, perfectionism and unworthiness can limit growth
  • WOOTASTIC or WOOCURIOUS (very steeped in other people’s versions of spiritual awareness and practices or a bit apprehensive to even tap into the spiritual genius available )
  • Big vision that includes tapping into deeper levels of FAITH and creation and MORE MONEY, more IMPACT, more JOY, ease, delight and divine FLOW in life

What does she want?

She/He is wanting a business model that integrates her spiritual gifts AND makes her shit tons of money while experiencing joyful ease, FREEDOM, delight and FLOW with more soul clients, money, love and bliss in life 

She says things like

  • I want to do these interesting things, but maybe that’s too weird

  • I’m supposed to do all these things and THEN I can enjoy some creativity…why am I procrastinating?!

  • I wish I could trust myself more

  • Am I doing the right thing? What are these things I am experiencing? How do I balance expanding into this and keep the business running while I shift?

  • I have all this intuitive guidance coming through, but I better stick to the certified technique I learned

  • I could help this client or my audience in an intuitive way that comes naturally to me, but they’re not open to that yet and I’m not open to it yet

  • I can’t keep doing it this way, I’m getting burnt out, sick and there’s got to be a BETTER WAY - I need more PLEASURE and JOY in my life!

Why doesn’t she have it yet?

She is thinking she needs to do a bunch of things in order to be able to share and be this part of herself.

She has a deeply powerful and natural gift inside, but her power lies rather dormant because she is seeking to learn from others to feel safe and validated. 

She believes she must follow a template or existing model in order to find success and other people’s models will NEVER work for her the way her own flow and methods will, but she has no idea how to ground and effectuate those gifts in a way that connects easily and sells. 

She is spinning in circles in her own mind that keep her stuck in overthinking, over doing and not enough inspired action from deep focus and self trust. She is not yet fully connected into her genius FLOW and GLOW. She looks like she’s got her shit together, and likes being perceived this way. Exploring these parts of herself means risking how others see her, so she’s been avoiding it.

What is she looking for as a solution to creating what she wants? Why won’t this work for her?

She is experiencing new parts of herself that might feel scary or confusing. She can’t deny her own cosmic shift, but she doesn’t quite know what to do with it yet. She is activating into higher leadership within, but thinks she needs to learn a bunch of certifications and be steeped in knowledge to practice her own inherent modality and activation.

She may also be knowing she desires to spend more time BEING in these new frequencies and the existing ways of running the business isn’t aligned to these higher frequencies and the desire to live in a space of OVERFLOW and space, to recalibrate and enjoy LIFE! Her body may be FIGHTING the shift and it feels painful, sickening and scary to move into these new ways of being and feeling.

She will come to know herself in a deep way through these experiences of trying other people’s modalities. She will feel a disconnect and feel less than connected to her genius, which may then lead her to feel unworthy of her gifts and fail to activate into her full  presence and capabilities.

Why is working with you the best choice?

Working with me is the best choice because

  • I have opened up and activated SO MANY genius online spiritual LEADERS to their own genius modality and aligned vision and being to make fucktons of cash AND serve FULLY

  • My method allows you to shift RAPIDLY and spend much less time spinning your wheels, healing and shedding, learning the same mistakes over and over - you SHIFT into higher resonance IMMEDIATELY and begin to calibrate to your own highest level

  • My healing method is SOMATIC using frequencies - meaning in the body release that NEEDS to be addressed in order to fully SHIFT

  • My genius is to clear your attachment and resonance with old stories and to activate your sheer potential and inspiration to YOUR method of healing and success

  • My genius opens you up to YOUR gifts, confidence and certainty

  • The work we do allows you to RELAX and integrate the parts of you that feel UNWORTHY and unsure

  • The work we do allows you to open up and experiment and feel solid in your own method of healing

  • The work we do allows you to be so connected into your genius you naturally connect in with your true soul clients that will have the most impact with your work - it is ILLUMINATING and you glow the fuck up!!!

The outcome of this alignment and huge self resonance is MONEY, fulfillment and aligned AF kicka$$ expansion! 



Clear and detach from your own doubt and shame around your gifts. This is where we clear all the past life and childhood/life trauma and wounding (witchy wounds, religious fears, societal fears, etc).

  • Fully ground and center
  • Clear auric field, light bodies and entire presence
  • Activate pineal gland, open throat, chest and clear cosmic connection
  • Open divine stream from cosmos to earth and back through open heart 
  • Feel highest resonance throughout entire body and being

Why is this step important? 

Right now, there are so many beliefs and ideas about the systems, the clients, money, EVERYTHING swirling around in your head, body and being, no matter how self helped and cosmic you already are. 

We need to clear your energy flow to allow movement and release of all the limiting beliefs and attachments. You can’t create a business with your spiritual gifts integrated if you have a ton of negative beliefs around expressing your spiritual gifts.

Why does the client need this?

The client isn’t feeling the expanse of her gifts because of her subconscious fears and limits around WHAT to do.

She thinks she has to do a bunch of things that really don’t feel aligned, or she’s afraid or limits herself from doing the things that would open up the cosmic channel. 

The suppression is stifling her flow of inspiration and connection to her soul constellation and she FEELS it and is ready - so ready - to activate into her luminous supernova self. She may even be getting SICK from over doing with not enough results and the distress is compounding.

What is the outcome of this phase?

The outcome of this phase is a CLARITY of body, mind and being which then opens you up to your own divine inspiration! You can begin to see your own highest vision, guidance and start opening up to your own lifetimes of wisdom residing all right inside of you.

We also stabilize the energy into a neutral state of being creating a solid foundation of SELF to build upon. 

This phase alone, clients feel a deeper sense of self and self confidence and certainty, and in doing so already begin to magnetize whatever they’ve had awaiting them in their vortex.



Integrate and experiment with your gifts and activations. Start learning more about what your gifts are and what they can do. This is a phase of experimentation, where you will begin to test your own healing and spiritual modalities on yourself and others, and begin to see how you can bring your intuitive gifts into your business.

Why is this step important? 

Now that you have cleared away confusion and fog of being plugged into other people’s programs and beliefs and gotten clear on what IS aligned and in soul right flow, you calibrate to your own highest level of resonance.

Discover how to begin playing with, expressing and experimenting with your awareness and energy, and find your way more rapidly and with focus by sharing your experience and being guided through it with POWERFUL experience and energetic support.

Why does the client need this?

Recalibrating to higher soul standards and to new heightened or clear awarenesses can take adjustment. This allows you to feel safe and expansive and fully feel the shift and keep your energy aligned as you regenerate. This is where you truly experience your magic!l You really get to see what your capable of and begin to get so excited about it, and this inspires the creativity of how to integrate this into your business.

What is the outcome of this phase?

A fresh energy, new inspiration, new people coming into awareness and experience, a level of authority is beginning to take place within and without. Certainty and confidence in this new way of being. In this energy new timelines are forming and much more awareness of the next level of vision is coming through. With that confidence, current client relationships are shifting. Current personal relationships are shifting. If there were ailments, you begin to shift and heal that for yourself with this new level of energy and healing.



Embody and expand into your gifts

Support your expanding gifts by immersing into the expression and continued embodiment OF these new habits, thoughts, energies and experiences

Expand your vibration into and beyond where you initially began as you vibrate more resonantly and in cosmic connection more each day

Why is this step important? 

You are at a whole different level of integration for yourself now. Guide the energy to momentum and magnetic abundance through continued expansion INTO the energy of your recalibration.

Why does the client need this?

This is a space where you’re not quite who you were and you’re coming into who you’re BEING - so it is vital to reassess your SOUL RIGHT standards in this FRESH energy. This allows your energy to pick up speed as you’ve stabilized it into higher vibrations and to keep leaning in deeper to your intended shift to create from OVERFLOW.

What is the outcome of this phase?

This is where, if they haven’t already, things will begin to pick up and high levels of vibration, synchronicities, synergies and aligned soul mate energies and connections are being made. You’re magnetic, vibrant and trusting your deep knowing that you’ve now allowed to be your dominant thought process and vibe. If it hasn’t already happened, this is where you’ll find new dreamy clients coming in, soul mate connections happening, and mostly with yourself, a much deeper awareness and expression of YOU - your gifts, your Clairs open and the integration of your particular gifts and purpose merging with your business and life in a way that lets you feel joy in every cell of your body. This is where you create the business model, structure, strategies that you need to integrate your gifts.


ILLUMINATE - Embody and emerge. 

You are so deeply embodied, you feel joy and connection to your highest self throughout each and every cell of your body

The practices you have developed for yourself to evolve into your full self, you are now activating into your soul client constellation.

Why is this step important? 

It feels effortless and exciting to share this integrated and now fully embodied state of being - you are OUT of the closet with your wootastic self, fully tapped into your GENIUS, activating your soul constellation to theirs.

This is where we begin to really feel the evidence of your shift on a much deeper level. This is what the FEELING of this container is pulling you into BEING. What you feel calling you in is how you’ll feel and much more once you’ve been through this process.


Why does the client need this?

This is where we truly FEEL the shift and if you haven’t already, you will be much more VISIBLE and present with your new presence of being! This is where you will begin to share your gifts to your clients, your audience, your partner - whatever is aligned to you to integrate more of you is now not just on the inside but also happening on the outside.

What is the outcome of this phase?

Rock your world with the ease of your BEING and a joyful foundation of aligned energy 

Magnetic vibes to attract more aligned client, fucktons of money, beautiful LOVE, and a deeper immersion into your own cosmic blueprint and GENIUS guiding you to your highest future self.

More bliss, joy, ease, peace, abundance and FLOW.

This is where most of your new clients will come in. You’ll also have higher level offers because of the magic that is infused in it.