Valtopia Self Activation Portrait

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There is absolutely no-one like you and it has taken eons for you to be in your body, in this time and space, exactly as you are now. You are a divine, magical, loving, powerhouse and everything you need is RIGHT INSIDE of you.

The thing is, life experience, social training, and ancestral patterns of belief can layer upon us over time, leaving us tired, unfocused, sad, angry, fearful and anxious. You may have never done any energy work, and you may be a seasoned spiritual professional. 

This time spent with Valtopia is a transformation that ends in a deeper activation of your inner vision and being, your true heart and soul self and cosmic gifts and awareness that you have never tapped into.

The portrait embodies all the new energies you are and have and are becoming and holds you to your highest intentions, forever healing and activating you to your dreams and vision.

(Each session is unique to the client.) I am in tune and we use all different modalities and inspiration to achieve connection, understanding, knowing and the release of the resistance and activation of your inner guidance and highest intentions. This is the transformation that leads to your magic unfolding. 

With clear vision, you know your purpose, your direction, and you can flow and create with joy and delight. This is my intention for each and every portrait - that as we evolve through the experience, we let go of the past, live in the now, creating from our most authentic, divine and sovereign self. 

Beyond conditioning, beliefs, training, or anything other than your deepest SELF and SOUL guidance. For many, these layers are deep, and for those who have done much work, there are hidden layers that we have in common, such as ancient patterns of fear of visibility, speaking our truth and shining our light for fear of death and persecution. 

Final delivery includes sharing of portrait on Zoom. 

The digital portrait is a tangible and iconic result that is so powerfully transformative. To see the colors and vision, your higher self guides me to channel to you is just MAGIC!! 

This is a uniquely powerful offering and experience, and will open up your capacity to receive , create and shine as the divinely brilliant light that you are!

Enjoy these powerful client reveals and testimonials.