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Hey gorgeous Love Drop,

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Have you ever known yourself to be a:

- people pleaser
- perfectionist
- over achiever
- strong mind
- somewhat tightly wound/controlled
- untapped intuition, imagination and deep inner insight

and do you find yourself:

- clamming up when you'd like to open up to your emotions
- distracting yourself when it comes time to really dig deep into self awareness
- always busy with many tasks, but feeling unaccomplished, spinning your wheels
- trouble with consistency in energy levels and "showing up"
- going big and then retracting in triggered fear as you begin to expand

November Love Drop - Releasing Shame to Receiving Guidance
December Love Drop - Bird's Eye View - Rising up and Above Circumstance

January Love Drop - Releasing the need for adoration and Feeling Loveable

With these loving and powerful energy sessions, begin releasing the emotions that get triggered when our deepest truths are revealed to us through our spiritual guides and mentors, and even from ourselves. Many of us have endured trauma and aren't even aware of the subconscious response of shutting down, self sabotage and resistance we have when faced with our own darkest awarenesses. In order to ascend and expand to all of your brilliant edges, let us begin the release of these layers to be more present, more self resonant and self aware. Let the expansion flow with ease and grace! Each monthly topic is guided by the current group of Love Drops and delivered at the New Moon. Not only do you receive the live transformational experience, but can listen to the replay whenever you desire. In addition, many bonus live streams and transmissions, as well as bonus support to assist the deep shifts that occur and a deeply kind and generous awakening community in which to blossom and shine or nourish and grow, as you choose. "An awakening haven", "magical", the love drops, LOVE the Love Drop as a bright source of illumination, support, accountability and loving presence to really BE the change you wish in your beautiful and precious life. Recharge and illluminate your life force together with us in the Love Drop. <3


The Valtopia Love Drop is a monthly subscription to 

inviting, creating and receiving in energy that allows you to feel and be the change you desire 

It is my unique method of transformational frequency delivery (energy!)
that allows deep subconscious release and regeneration at the cellular level, so that the participant is transformed alchemically into a new space of being and essence
(you feel and be the change you desire!). 

Join us!

I have been through the fire myself, facing my own fears and truths with the greatest distraction and sabotage you can imagine. It is through these experiences that I know the pain and denial that gets triggered when we begin to shift our reality to align with our soul. 

The Valtopia Love Drop monthly is for you if you are a LOVE type, identify as a star seed, fairy, unicorn, creatrix, priestess, goddess, shaman, and are feeling yourself moving through the cosmic shifts with focus, opening up deeper and deeper to your spiritual gifts, but you struggle to tread the line and balance between your "real" life and your YOU life that you're allowing yourself to create. If you need more permission to feel and be yourself, because your family, your friends and clients are all higher on the list than you, and you can feel it coming to a head, either in your health, or you're overwhelmed, or you're stuck in sabotage or frozen mode, come on over and get your love drop. Let's rebalance, rejuvinate, replenish, and restore, activating ourselves to our next level of self expression, trust, and creation in our lives.

Your peace, joy and clarity is your ultimate strength, and coming into yourself with love, compassion and focused time and awareness is what we do in the Valtopia Love Drop.
With art, creativity, cosmic guidance, meditation and priestess Valtopia, find quick and powerful ways to

- go with the flow
- think for yourself
- heal yourself
- break through fear of failure
- let go of stifling conventions 
- get unstuck
- balance your current 'reality' and your divinely inspired life
- free yourself from energetic ties that drain you
- release trauma, guilt, anxiety and confusion energy 
- strengthen courage, clarity, intuition and more

As it has been in the love drop, when a group dynamic is lit up, when all is in the flow, when truth is coming through and a vessel of alchemy is created, passions light up, energy is amplified, and we reach a new level outside of where we once were, and we feel the feelings we told ourselves we couldn't, shouldn't feel. We become that which we dreamed of and sacred bonds of connection are reunited or created for the first time.

Our experiences are rooted into mother Gaia, our hearts are opened in love and trust to a beautiful cosmic connection. We stop, breathe, and have miraculous moments of reconnection to ourselves. My sacred passion is inspiring you out of the fear, out of shame, out of the tight squeeze you got yourself into just trying to do your best of this life.



Join us!

We have live bongo/conga healing transmissions, live card readings and coaching, virtual coaching and intuitive art that is a most powerful way to connect all sides of your brain and connect viscerally with your body, soul and mind. Whatever topic is guided comes through for the month, and it is guided by YOU. I have your names up on an altar, crystal grids are set with intentions, daily mantras and focus of creation for that which we are all creating together, with love, in the love drop. I couldn't be more in tune, centered, grounded and in love with the Valtopia Love Drop - it's everything we've been creating all along.

How often do you sign up for classes and feel you don't have time to listen? I got you. I have a multi-dimensional approach of illuminating you with the month's love drop, both remotely and through audio/video transmissions that reinforce the virtual energetic light code activations inspired within you on many levels. Each month's topic is guided by those of you who are currently subscribed. Only members will receive the monthly meditation audio visual experience that focuses on releasing, integrating and activating all of your energy centers, alignment, the regeneration of your cellular structure and activation of your DNA to your highest potential and strength - all of which assists you in finding your center, feeling enlightened and clear, navigating through triggers, awakening to your own dynamic body, mind and soul and creating the life you desire from your heart, connected into mother earth and the cosmos. Priestess Valtopia is honored and thrilled to co-create with you.

Join us!


Valtopia Love Drop