Valtopia Release to Receive - Monthly Moon Love

You're following your dreams, you have awakened to your vast consciousness and yet you're facing the same resistance you've known before. You’re busy, and have tried coming through it on your own, or even have worked through much of this before! But you're still stuck. You know you're going to need some help this time to truly break through!
Step through a life changing shift with a monthly power support session to catapult you to the next step and keep you in your own zone of genius and flow. 
In these monthly moon sessions we will get to the root energy of any resistance or “blocks”, ignite and activate your passion, inspire your vision, your bold courage, and your sense of knowing and purpose. When you feel resonant within yourself, and that true self confidence, you are empowered, clear and so magnetic - abundance naturally follows when you’re deeply connected and open. Harness the power of the moon, the cosmic energies and Priestess Valtopia as your guide and support to KNOW your intentions, releases and activations will be held with love and connected creation.
Previous Valtopian client results include:
- new dream clients
- Increased rates
- Release of physical pain 
- Improved rest 
- Awakening of spiritual gifts 
- Greater impact 
Because these results come from the benefits of:
- owning your worth 
- stepping into your value 
- Shifting your direction to be more aligned 
- feeling such lightness and clarity
- losing the fear, anxiety and self doubt from past lives, inner child drama and more
(Warning - this isn't for everyone - you must be ready for a deeply transformative shift that might disrupt and change your life in a powerful way!)