Valtopia an Expansive Coloring Journey

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This is a hand signed copy by ME! :)

Yes we published this in the car on the way to Palm Springs and went best seller overnight! 🙌⭐️ Of course, that took months of connecting, creating and BELIEVING in dreams and visions and KNOWING where it was taking me, though I didn't know quite how. 

Hey, gorgeous. Expanding into your higher self and becoming your most magnetic, delightful, self empowered, badass, epic priestess, goddess queen ain't no joke  you are going to need an instruction guide complete with essentials for your expansive journey! That's why I created this energy love bomb for you as I began MY own life regeneration.  I learned so much from the healers, spiritual coaches, universe and LIFE and poured every bit of that channeled energy and guidance into each page. 22 images of hand drawn, channeled goddesses, priestess energy, galactic messages and the key to using essential oils and and crystals as powerful tools in your spiritual journey. Almost like oracle cards, these pages act as a daily guide through the ups and downs, and energetic ins and outs of stretching beyond your now to your most delightful, empowered KICKASS self!!

Oh and yeah - it's a COLORING BOOK!! YASSSSSSS!!! 

Please DO send me your colored pages. I want to see. And I want you to join me in Valtopia! Sign up for your free coloring page here.