FULL BODY YES Reading/Attunement

$ 222.00


are seeking to calm your busy mind,

feel a sense of peace and connection to self,

and finally feel that





feeling of KNOWING

deeply in your bones, cels and being

the truth of your own vision, awareness, and LIFE purpose.


You DO tune into your own wisdom, or you'd like to,

but you sure could use an expert to tune into your energy

and see where you're tangled, attached, confused and disconnected. 

Find out what is going on with your energy body and patterns

and get into feeling aligned and centered

with a Valtopia 

20 minute virtual reading and attunement!


Everything is done virtually,

you don't have to make an appointment

and it is emailed directly to you

(within 48-72 hours of booking, rush available with an extra fee. )


Valtopia reading

This experience is such a powerful way to receive an energy healing and awakening from Valtopia.

Working 1:1 is available through application only,  and there are limited spots,

this is one of the only ways to receive

such a deep and energy shifting reading on demand.

Clarity and connection is here!

Book in today and begin your Valtopia shift and return to YOU!