Valtopia Six Month Experience (Survey Offer)

$ 888.00
Valtopia Six Month Experience (Survey Offer)

Looking for radical, focused and intense premium support? You are a mega supernova leading the charge in your rock star life. You know the next step, and it's way beyond your comfort zone. You can't yet see yourself as the big vision you have been guided to create. But you know your purpose and know you must move through to the other side.  Release the resistance and activate your highest energies in a gorgeous experience that includes the Valtopian read, sketch, and divine transformation in ONE session each month for six months! 

In six POWER sessions, we will ignite and activate your passion, inspire your vision, your bold courage, your sense of knowing and purpose. Step through a big shift with immense support to catapult you to the next step. 

Client results have included:

- owning your worth
- stepping into your value
- changing your direction to be more aligned
- feeling such lightness and clarity
- losing the fear, anxiety, self doubt

(Warning - this isn't for everyone - you must be ready for a deeply transformative shift that might disrupt and change your life in a powerful way)